Little Poppet

27 May 2007

The young couple next door have just had their first child , a girl. I haven't met her yet but I made her this little cap.

Getting out my old baby pattern books was a sweet trip down memory lane.

I bought this book when my 21 year old nephew was a baby. Isn't that a beautiful innocent face?

This is the outfit I knitted for my first born, Louis. It was the outfit he wore home from hospital. I didn't make the pink jumper but I made all the other parts of the ensemble.

I made this little set for my nephew out of a soft mint green

and I made this little cardigan for one of mine I just can't remember who. And I'm not sure why there is a half naked man in each of those baby pictures.

Don't you just love knitting for babies?

5 Responses to “Little Poppet”

  1. What a sweet cap (this is my first time commenitng by the way) I do love knitting for babies, so satisfying to do something nice and not have it take too long. Love your blog!

  2. yes it is lovely knitting little things, perhaps thats why i love dolls so much! before tommy was born i made a cream cardigan with little bullion bees up the front and a black beanie with little antennae! he looked so cute. love the rainbow doll too.

  3. I do love knitting for babies and have so enjoyed knitting for my own. I want to know why none of my knitting books have gorgeous half dressed men in them though!

  4. Angela you're buying the wrong books. These ones are Swiss I think and obviously Swiss fathers spend a lot of time with their shirts off. It is a bit strange isn't it, in a baby knitting book. The same guys model in the men's wear knitting books I have but with their clothes on I think.


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