little miss wren.

3 May 2007

Rain. It has been raining all day. Heavy rain that is mostly sitting on top of the ground and running down the hills because the earth is so dry. A good day for being at home with a fire and no need or desire to leave the house.

Not so lucky Andy. He has been bushwalking all week with school. Rain last night means a wet tent to pack up and carry around all day, and rain all day means a wet tent and most probably wet clothes tonight. He comes home tomorrow and I think home will look very good after a week of sleeping rough and two days of rain.

Here is Little Miss Wren all finished and ready to go off to the lucky winner of my anniversary draw. She is a cloth doll I designed some time ago and have made and dressed in various styles over the years.

Her jumper is from an old felted jumper of mine. Her skirt is part of my old chenille dressing gown. The velvet ribbon is a remnant from some I used to make Miss9 a hair band. The darker purple wool in her bag is possum wool from New Zealand that I used to make myself an hot water bottle cover. The paler purple and the pink are scraps from the wool Bettina sent me at Christmas time. The green has been hanging round here for years. The button is just from my button jar and the little bow in her hair is off one of my daughter's singlets ( it fell off, I didn't steal it)

It's not too late to be included in the party . Just check out yesterday's post and leave your name in the comments or you can email me (see profile page) if the comments section is being difficult.

8 Responses to “little miss wren.”

  1. Little Miss Wren is such a charming girl, and I love the way you´ve described where every single thread comes from. So very lovely.
    In envy you for the rain, although it wouldn´t be nice to sleep in a wet tent. But here we haven´t had rain for a couple of weeks and the soil is terrible hard and broken now, not to talk about the poor plants and flowers.Very unusual for spring. Hope so very much we will have some rain soon, too, and this also will give me time to stay inside and have all the time to knit and sew.

  2. Such a pretty doll - perfect for a little girl to carry around when it is raining outside! We haven't had rain around here for weeks, the most we've had is a bit of drizzle lasting only a couple of hours. Everything is parched!

    Enjoy the rain and your fire - sounds lovely :)

  3. Little Miss Wren is so lovely and beautiful..
    We are waiting for the rain. The soil is so hard and dry. It's not so good for my fresh planted flowers...
    The weather is very unusual for spring in switzerland.

  4. oh I love those cold rainy days - so snug and cosy and your doll is so cute!

  5. *GASP*!!! she is ABSOLUTELY delightful!!

  6. Little Miss Wren is gorgeous. That rain must be wonderful if only it could have waited until Mr14 was home safe and sound and DRY.

  7. Little Miss Wren is so cute - how can you bear to part with her when all those little bits of your crafting history are in her?
    soon to be part of Rugz4Kidz (I hope - I sent my email early this morning)


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