14 May 2007

I've spent the better part of the day re-arranging
the deck chairs on the Titanic. I was just supposed to be doing the dusting and the floors but instead I am desperately trying to make more space, more storage and more seating out of a fixed amount of space, storage and seating.

We live in a small house, 2 1/2 bedrooms to be exact. My poor daughter has the tiniest bedroom ever seen, about the width of a double bed and a little longer than a double bed. This house was built in 1931 and has only two built-in cupboards and they are in the hallway. It has very few power points because it is from the time before appliances and the loungeroom is set up to accommodate the fireplace, a lounge and two chairs and that is it, forget a television or an extra chair and forget that bookcase.

Stephen has built a few cupboards, windowseats and bookcases throughout the house but once again we are running out of space. At the moment my biggest headache is books. We need some more bookcases. I have managed to re organise the loungeroom, the hallway and part of the playroom but the problem now is that the kitchen table is covered in things that no longer have a home. I think I have to face the facts - I AM ADDICTED TO BOOKS. Of course, looking on the bright side, walls covered with full bookcases are very good insulators so I am helping to keep our house warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Better go hang out the last load of washing. It won't get dry but at least it's done. And then I'll have to work my magic and try to cl
ear the kitchen table.