A hand full

1 May 2007

I was just organising to pop this little man in my Etsy shop when I got notification that another doll had been sold. I have been making a whole host of these little sweeties.

They are just the right size for a little person's hand or to stow in a pocket when you need a little friend ( just in case).

I thought this little one was also just the right size for my cushion doll boy to cuddle but he is about to head off to his new home. Time for one last cuddle.

I'd better get back to knitting caps. I'll try to have some new dolls in the shop by tomorrow, we have been having computer problems so anything could happen.

7 Responses to “A hand full”

  1. The dolls are so sweet and lovely. I love both of them

  2. The little man is just gorgeous! There's really something to be said for small toys that fit in a baby's or toddler's hand. Lovely.

  3. What a little sweetie! Both dolls are lovely - you clever thing!

  4. I can imagine they'd fit nicely in some grown up hands as well. Very sweet.

  5. they're both sweet little cuddle-buds!

  6. I love these two - they're so cute. I think the little pocket size ones would be very popular.

    Congratulations on your year of blogging - where did the time go? Don't worry about adding me to the draw though.......


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