Good manners

12 May 2007

Using less is good manners.

My husband stated this obvious fact during a conversation inspired by a reality TV show here called Ecohouse Challenge.

It doesn't have to be about saving the planet or saving money , it's what we were all taught as children about sharing.

Don't take more than your fair share.

Just because there seems to be an unlimited supply doesn't mean you have to be greedy and take it all. Just because we are now adults and don't have mum or dad watching over our shoulder doesn't mean we should feel free to scoff everything and in the process waste so much just because we can. For example, lighting up your whole back yard every evening while you're safe inside watching TV just because you have lights installed and have easy access to electricity doesn't make it the right thing to do. You are taking something you want because it's there not because you need it. On the Ecohouse challenge programme if the people use more than their fair share the resource is taken away from them completely for 24 hours, so no water, or electricity ,or car. They lose whatever it is that they have been wasteful with.

Imagine if that happened in real life?

ps. I don't agree with everything on the TV show mentioned. I have only watched it a couple of times and there seemed to be a strong emphasis on things you could BUY to REDUCE your consumption as well as making behaviour changes. My comment is more about the discussion it inspired than the programme itself.

3 Responses to “Good manners”

  1. My late grandmother use to say "good manners will take you anywhere" and she was right. My dh and I have been doing our best to intsill into our own children the same philosophy :-)

  2. Hmmm, sound intresting. You might enjoy a book I just read (and loved) here. :-)


  3. Good manners would solve so many problems wouldn't they.
    Happy Mother's Day Jenny!


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