Eat your greens

28 May 2007

Our vegie garden is full of fantastic volunteer plants. Almost the whole garden is filled with self sown plants.

There is silver beet ( swiss chard), broccoli, pumpkins, borage, marigolds, and chives to name a few.

The raspberries are suckers from the old garden that was here before we bought this house. The jerusalem artichokes, which need to be dug up are from one small plant we put in several years ago. There are also quite a few tiny feathery fennel plants amongst all those bigger plants and plenty of potatoes.

The broccoli is just starting to form heads.

The rhubarb was a gift for my birthday two years ago and struggled during the hot, dry summer.

This little mess contains strawberries , planted runners from plants given to us from a friend, marigolds, a small poppy plant ( similar to an opium poppy), a potato plant, oxalis and grass of course, some oregano , fennel and chickweed.

The borage is looking great. The plants are all the children of the borage plant that flowered all through winter last year then turned up its toes at the first sign of hot weather.

The shallots are perennials given to me by a friend of mum's. I have just hoed this bed and planted some carrots and winter lettuce. I hoe in the chickweed because it's a good green manure. I also give a lot to the chook, she loves it. It certainly looks tasty and sweet.

The broad beans are threatening to form a forest . I was going to make spinach ( make that silver beet) and ricotta cheese pie tonight but it has been put off till tomorrow. I'll share the recipe then.

Now after all that chlorophyll packed goodness you can have some yummy chocolate cake.

Easy Chocolate Cake

125g butter, melted
1 cup SR flour
1 cup sugar, any kind
!/2 cup milk
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 eggs
2 tablespoons cocoa

Mix together until there are no lumps and it is well combined. I often mix it by hand just using a whisk, this gives a more dense cake. If you use an electric mixer you are supposed to mix for 3 minutes, it will be a lighter cake.
This is a very forgiving recipe, it can be cooked in a loaf pan, round tin, be made into cupcakes, iced, not iced, halved and filled with cream, eaten warm with ice cream, or cold in school lunches.
Bake in a moderate oven for about 45 minutes, less for cupcakes.

7 Responses to “Eat your greens”

  1. We've got a lot of self sewn stuff in the veg patch too. Mostly poppies, marigolds and swiss chard...and one or two stingers.

  2. Yesterday there was a film in german TV about tasmania. Tasmania has the best air and waterquality
    on our planet.
    I have salade, rhubarb strawberries in my garden because it`s spring here at the other end of the world.

  3. I have lots of self seeded stuff too. In fact, I often think that the self sown plants look a lot healthier than the crops I've carefully planted in straight rows!

  4. I love seeing pictures of people's vegies. My rhubarb struggled this summer too. I've just cut it back and divided it.

  5. Veges are all well and good but it is the chocolate cake that grabs my fancy! (actually, I'm in awe of your vege patch, how great to grow your own food)

  6. Your vegie garden looks great, I'm so envious of your broccoli, mine looks like a skeleton thanks to green grubs and me forgetting that it was under the rampant broad beans. oops.
    The chocolate cake recipe is on my bench ready for the next baking moment. I love chocolate cake :)

    cheers Lenny

  7. Gorgeous veggie garden - ours despite lots of attention, is still waiting for enough rain to really green up, it's all this dry weather we've had. But the runner beans and hispi cabbages are off to a good start - and don't get me going about potatoes, we have potatoes springing up like weeds everywhere! Mind you, it could be worse.

    We're awaiting our first strawberries and salad leaves. yum :)


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