Do I have your attention?

5 May 2007

Now, is everybody ready for the big draw?

The winner of Little Miss Wren is Angelika from Germany

The winner of the apron and cloth is Lenny from Tasmania.

If you could both email me with your addresses and I will post you your prizes.

Thanks to everyone who left a comment. Many of them were very flattering and ofcourse it's always lovely to receive compliments. It's also great to hear from people who visit but don't normally comment. There are blogs I like to visit and rarely comment on and others where I always leave a comment so I quite understand why you continue to lurk.

Anyway, time to sweep up all the party mess and get back to normal. I have bulk washing to do this weekend because of my happy camper's return - wet but happy. Plus I need to do some baking because the cooler weather is revving up everyone's appetites.
This evening, however I'll do some knitting and sample the chocolate my Mum bought around.

4 Responses to “Do I have your attention?”

  1. We're in Brisbane at the moment but before I left I was starting to get the first serious rumblings of a reawakened rhubarb crumble love and a drive to bake some heavy apple cakes. Looking forward to it when we get home! Queensland's still got a fruit salad vibe.

  2. oh how exciting. Thanks.

    cheers Lenny


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