Cuppa anyone?

22 May 2007

There is no finer way to be than sipping from a cup of tea.

I really struck it lucky today. I went to the biggest op shop in town looking for some shelves to help me organise my sewing area and came home with this wonderful teapot. It holds enough tea for a family of five, it feels lovely to pour and ....most important of doesn't drip!!!!!

So my op shop teapot now joins my op shop tea caddy...

and my op shop Meakin tea cups....

my granny's sugar bowl and my school swimming trophy sugar spoon ( yes I know that is a strange trophy but it was a girls' school and specialised in making ladies out of grotty teenagers)

and my lovely bargain priced Denby jug . They can all get together for a nice cuppa.

Oh, I also found this pretty pink Meakin serving plate that asked to come home with me as well.
Unfortunately I had no luck with finding shelves. Better luck next time.

13 Responses to “Cuppa anyone?”

  1. Love all of your tea things - especially the teapot - can't beat a nice cuppa prperly brewed in a lovely pot!

  2. The teapot looks beautiful...I love all of your tea things. What a wonderful box from majorlein bastin. I love her books.

  3. Wow, you're so lucky to find Meakin Rosa at an Op Shop. I collect it, and usually it costs a fortune! My Nan started me off when she gifted me a gorgeous coffee set she received at her wedding. Lovely stuff!

  4. Jenny, I love all your tea things and especially the stories as to how each piece was acquired. I just received a Brown Betty teapot for Mother's Day, which looks similar to yours, and I am really enjoying it. Right now I'm off to bake something for today's tea time.

  5. A teapot that doesn't drip is defintely worth it's wieght.

  6. Sometimes the trip can be successful even when you don't come home with what you were looking for.

  7. ...wish you were closer, and we could share an afternoon cuppa today!

  8. You can't beat a teapot that doesn't drip!

  9. I collect teapots too and I DO like the picture you found of two little teapots :-)

  10. There is always that worry when you buy a teapot about it dripping and it is always so nice to get it home and find that it's a good pourer! You had some good finds today!

  11. ooh what great finds, wish our op shops had such good stuff.

    Thanks for the lovely surprise in my mail today:) I'd forgotten all about it. It brought back memories from primary school when my best friends mum used to come in and teach us to sew, we did all those stitches on yellow gingham and then stitched it into a soft toy. Mine became a dog toy......wish I'd had the forethought to keep it..

    cheers Lenny

  12. Mmmh, that looks cosy!
    I cherish my tea and coffee moments too!
    I have a very nice looking Babar-teapot, but I can't use it, because it's always dripping, such a pity...


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