15 May 2007

I had hoped to have a picture of the vest I knitted for Kate over the weekend but I have spent the entire day at the Launceston Competitions. I think everywhere else they are called eisteddfods but in Launceston they have always been known as the Competitions.

Kate was playing her violin in an ensemble and the school orchestra plus she sang in the choir. Andy played his trumpet in an orchestra, ensemble and a trio. The two boys are on again tonight. This all goes on until the end of the week and then next week Kate is reciting a poem. All of this is organised by the school and I suppose it's a worthwhile experience, performing for an audience and listening to their peers. With my spectator duties not much crafting or housework has gone on here today.

Back to the vest. This was a completely unplanned project. We went into the wool shop to pick up the last of the wool for my cardigan and saw this lovely vest all in autumn tones and super soft as it is a wool acrylic mix. Kate tried it on and it looked lovely. So, impulsively I bought the yarn and the pattern and went home and made it. It is knitted on 6.5mm needles and the yarn is about 14ply so it was like knitting soft rope with crowbars but very satisfying as it progressed so quickly. It just has to be sewn up and the bands stitched on. I should be able to do it tomorrow as I'm only required at the Competitions in the morning. I think the yarn will probably pill but with no sleeves there should be less rubbing. Anyway I'll try to post a picture tomorrow.

Now , what do you think of this. I have two of them, this one and one with a deep red rose. They are wall vases. My mum gave them to me a couple of months ago and I don't know whether I like them or not. When I was primary school age they used to hang on the wall, she has had them tucked away for a long time and now they are mine. You see they are the only gift her father ever gave her. Grandpop was a tough old bugger, not given to any kind of sentimentalism and certainly never wasted any words of encouragement on any of his eight children. My mum was the second youngest and known as the pet of the family, she could get away with anything so my Auntie Maisie says.

I have these wall vases on my bedroom wall because there happened to be two vacant hooks there when I brought them home from mum's and they have been there ever since. I really don't know if I like them or not but I appreciate what they mean to my mum and I know they were given to me because she trusts me not to get rid of them. Do you think they are ugly or do they have a certain charm? I'd be interested to hear your opinions.

7 Responses to “Competitons”

  1. Well, I love them and I like the story behind them too. Good luck to the kids in the competitions.

  2. I think they have a certain charm about them. Their history increases their sweetness.

  3. I think they are charming, in the right setting. In my house I'd use them either side of the bathroom mirror or either side of a window. It's so nice to have sentimental things near us when we sleep in our bedrooms. Something with a story behind it is always precious.

  4. The vases are not ugly! They are from a time gone by, but that does not take away from them.

    Your wall vases remind me of some china roses my grandmother had. Hers were of various colors and only a few inches long. (Boy, they are hard to describe!) They had no stems, just a leaf of two and the bloom. She placed hers on a mirror around a silver swan. The scene looked charming in her hutch.

    Can you put silk or dried flower arrangements in them? Or candles?

  5. I think the wall vases are charming and I love the story behind them. I agree with Marie N - I think they'd look great with candles in them (or possibly a good spot to do a bit of yarn stashing?!).

  6. Oh I think the wall vases are just lovely, especially with the history they have. I agree with Mrs Pea, either side of the bathroom mirror or a window would really make them something special. Always forget to thank you for the recipe you gave for Red Onion Marmalade (I know, that was months ago), I've made it a few times and it is really good with sausages.

  7. Definitely charming (if difficult to dust.)


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