30 Apr 2007

If you come to my front gate in the late afternoon you'll find a happy smiling letterbox, relieved to be in one piece again after being vandalised at Easter time...

you'll find at least one small cat with pleading eyes hoping for an early tea...

a rather faded string of bunting in place since early last year ...

and trees full of autumn light.

You will also find a strange woman leaping about her garden taking photos when she should be inside organising tea.

8 Responses to “Smiley”

  1. I love your blog. But autumn? I didn`t realise that your from austalia.
    I love your dolls too...
    best wishes,

  2. I love your work. Have a good week, thank you

  3. That is the cutest and most original mailbox I've ever seen!

  4. I think your letter box is adorable!!

    I wish it was autumn here too.

  5. Te he. Love the mailbox too!


  6. Love your blog, especially 'cause I'm from Tassie too.

    cheers Lenny

  7. Your letter box is so wonderful.
    I love your work.

  8. Ohh... this is a favourite post. Late commenting as usual. Letterbox, kitten (we have a cat VERY similar), autumn. Very beautiful. I've been admiring the leaves here too.


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