Scones from the Goddess

21 Apr 2007

This morning I shared a quiet morning tea with Louis, fruit scones, jam and cream and a mug of hot tea. I used a new recipe , Nigella's scones from How to be a Domestic Goddess with the secret ingredient of 4 1/2 teaspoons of cream of tartar. The recipe said it would make 12 but she must like really big scones, I managed to make twice that number. They were seriously good but we didn't eat them all ourselves, Andy came home from footie and scoffed half a dozen and the rest were split and buttered for afternoon tea at Stephen's running club.

Today I also finished Kate's new dressing gown. It was pretty easy as it is made from polar fleece so no finishing of the seams and plenty of room for fudging any mistakes, not that I made any ofcourse. So finally I can cross that project off my list. Now I am considering making a vintage style apron for a friend whose birthday is on Monday. We'll see how the weekend pans out.

8 Responses to “Scones from the Goddess”

  1. Wonderful job with the scones, I manage to make bricks without fail. They look delicious!

  2. My daughter would love the dressing gown.....its just her colour!!! Your scones look so yummy.......with a warm cup of Milo...heaven!!!

  3. There is nothing nicer than a fresh scone straight from the oven, done in the Devon way of clotted cream and jam, bliss!

    The dressing-gown is lovely and snuggly - clever you! :)

  4. Yummy! Do you know how good those look to a girl on a diet? I've made the Nigella ones and I think they're very good too. You're right wbout her portion sizes, enomous, even for me, but I like all the more for her generosity!

    Also, the dressing gown looks great!

  5. What a great dressing gown! It gives me the idea to make one for my daughter... Did you use a commercial pattern or make your own?
    The scones look yummy!...

  6. Francoise, I used a commercial pattern Simplicity 5931. It has sizes for the whole family and was super easy.

  7. Oh, I love scones, and those look just wonderful. Now I will have to check out the recipe.
    A beautiful robe, Jenny, and I love the color!

  8. I adore that book it always makes me want to bake! The first time I tried her recipe for scones they looked marvelous but were inedible, I had used salted butter and added sale, whoops.


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