My Lunch and Other Oddities

3 Apr 2007

Today I finally had the lunch I have been planning for days: mushrooms on toast. Autumn is the time to pick mushies. When I was a child we always used to go scouting around in the back paddock before breakfast even on school days for some fresh mushrooms to fry in butter and sprinkle with salt. These are only supermarket buttons but with some seasoning such as a little balsamic vinegar and my homemade worcestershire sauce , gently fried in olive oil and served on toasted homemade bread with a handful of baby cos lettuce and some chives and parsley I was content with my seasonal lunch.

We have a large pepper tree in our garden and at this time of year it is covered in these beautiful pannicles of blushing berries. Unfortunately the pepper tree has been declared a weed in Australia as it readily invades local bush. I believe our tree is quite old.

The bloom on a red delicious in the late afternoon sun.

The yellow fruit platter.

Jury duty is over, I had to sit on one trial, a sad case involving two people with limited "life skills" who unfortunately had to have their dirty washing aired in public. A sad case that will probably have a second installment.

It's nice to be home.

5 Responses to “My Lunch and Other Oddities”

  1. Is that pepper as in peppercorns? I've never really thought about it but I realise I have no idea where peppercorns come from - apart from in little packets from the shop!

  2. I'm glad you made it through jury duty without having to sit on a panel for an extended time.

    Your lunch looks delightful.

  3. Lovely red delicious on the tree and love the yellow fruit bowl!

  4. mmmm mushies....i remember fondly trips to collect mushrooms (mainly around Dilston and Carrick).... we would come home with a box full and we would all help peel and slice them and mum would make them up in this white sauce on toast.......its just not like when we were go to the supermarket.....not the same bonding moment!!!

  5. Mmmmm... all that fruit is making me hungry. I have always loved mushrooms too. The mushrooms on toast looks pretty tasty. Take care!


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