More Vintage Patterns

1 Apr 2007

Here are some more of those gorgeous vintage patterns. Don't you just love the hairstyles on this pattern and it's such a sweet little shirt.

This dear little boy pattern is only size one , I think my mum used it to make a coat for my big brother. The bonnet on the middle pattern was definitely made for me with the dress to match in pink with blue trim.

Here's another coat pattern for my brother and although the little cap was never made it is exactly the same as the one my brother wore when he started secondary school. The middle pattern is a sub teen size 12 and I'm sure it was originally made for my cousin and then Mum inherited it. I had a dress for my Skipper doll just like the little yellow dress in the front. The third pattern for the shift dress must have been a favourite because I remember having quite a few of those but without the applique.

I think this first little dress was the pattern for one of the dresses I pictured in my last vintage pattern post. The middle one again is one of my cousins patterns, I like the slightly dropped waist. The last pattern was used to make the little sleeveless top and shorts. Very sweet.

I don't remember any of these patterns but I'm sure I would have had a spring coat from the third pattern.

Again another of my cousins patterns when she was a sub teen, how's that for a flattering title. I love the middle pattern - seven beautiful patterns for seven gorgeous girls. The last one was a winter coat made in a soft camel coloured wool with brown leather buttons and brown velvet collar.


5 Responses to “More Vintage Patterns”

  1. They are all so wonderful, don't know what happened to my childhood ones.

  2. How pretty! I love them all. How great that memories go with them too. If they are ever made again they will have happy cousins to play with. :-)


  3. The first one looks very familiar to me -- I must have had something very like it. I'm sure I had one of the Simplicity 5990 dresses too! My grandmother sewed dresses for all four of us cousins -- our Easter dresses were all the same pattern in different colors!

  4. What a lovely stash of patterns you've got. Amber found one for a 1950's style dress and is desperate to make one - however, I notice that although she's a size 10 girls were much skinnier back then.

  5. you have some great patterns there!!!


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