Little Red Caps

18 Apr 2007

When too many toadstools are barely enough.

They are just so pretty I can't stop looking at them.

They have a name: Amanita muscaria and they seem to like silver birch trees.

These ones forgot their dots....

and here are two new babies.

You can probably tell I have had a very slow day; enjoyed the early rain, did some reading, knitting and a bit of my ripple blanket....

and then made a yummy tea cake for afternoon tea. I needed a slow day.

10 Responses to “Little Red Caps”

  1. Love the mushrooms, they can be in such bizarre, wonderous colours. I completely believe they herald from another place entirely, they are so alien!

    The cake looks delicious, I have lost my baking 'groove' again, but am resolutely trying to find it!

  2. The only place I have ever seen those types of mushrooms is in the books of old fairy tales. They must not grow around here. They are so bold and almost fake looking but so pretty.
    Take care!

  3. so important to have a slow day - I really need one at the moment - clever of you not to fill it up with 'I'll just do this...' its quite a skill!

  4. Hello just been trying to catch up with your posts, these photographs of the fly agaric type toadstools are brilliant. Love your Easter bunny too, as they say better late then never, I'm sure he will soon be hopping off to a lovely new home. Loved your 1940's post as well, our kitchen was very much like that when we moved here, just a pantry (with damp running down the walls), a formica table, sink and wooden draining board.

  5. I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only one who thought those marvelous toadstools were only in books. I even showed your pictures to my husband after asking him if he thought they were a real thing or not (he didn't think they were real). Then he asked me, "What other imaginary things does she have in her yard?". LOL!

  6. I would squeal with delight if one of those beautiful mushrooms popped up in my yard. They are adorable.

  7. I cannot believe those toadstools are real. They're spectacular - I hope I see some such one day.

  8. Love those mushrooms! I've never seen any real ones like this, only in story books where they always look so magical. Now I know why, it's because they ARE magical! My Ginger has created a mushroom garden under the pine trees in the back of the property. She digs them up from other places and transplants them there. None are as beautiful as these are though. I'll show her your pictures. She won't believe her eyes!

  9. Love the mushrooms, the cake, the quilt.
    I am longing for a slow day!

  10. I LOVE the quilt under your plate in this picture. The fabric and pattern are so pretty and I just love the embroidery! Also, I never thought mushrooms that looked like that were actually real either, I thought they just drew fancier than real life ones for fairy tale books!


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