Ladies who lunch rarely

23 Apr 2007

Lunch with friends today to celebrate a birthday, I've just realised that between the three of us we share 143 years. That's a bit scarey isn't it. We had a great time ; good food, a glass of wine and plenty of talk. We are all in that special time of life sandwiched between aging parents and teenage children and entering the brave new world of the middle aged woman. To be honest we've been middle aged for a while but I think we are only just recognising it.

We are not normally " ladies who lunch" apart from our birthday lunches but we enjoyed ourselves so much today we have decided to do it every month. It was nice to be able to talk freely about good things and bad happening in our lives and get some honest opinions from friends in similar situations. The best thing was it didn't turn into a husband bashing session.

Oh, and I didn't make that apron as a present, I gave her a little Cath Kidston book instead and a tea cosy I found some time ago in an Op shop.

4 Responses to “Ladies who lunch rarely”

  1. If you call yourself middle aged then I will have to call myself middle aged as well since we were born in the same year. I always think the term sounds frumpy - it doesn't sound how I feel at all!
    Perhaps we should think up a new label?
    Lunch every month sounds a really good idea - enjoy.

  2. Sounds like a nice tradition forming!

  3. It sounds like a lovely lunch - something you should repeat often (lunching with ladies = sanity!) :)

    Have a good week.

  4. Having a nice lunch with good friends is a cheap luxury I think - one that should be repeated often! How lovely.


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