I've been Steely Danned

26 Apr 2007

Help, I'm trying to write this with the music of Steely Dan blaring in my ears. Stephen is having a little trip down memory lane. Steely Dan are touring Australia later this year but they won't be coming to Tasmania. So when you add the airfare and accommodation onto the price of a ticket it is a bit out of our reach. Mind you if I managed to get a cheap airfare and he went alone and stayed with friends it would be a very nice Father's day present.But maybe it's better to sit in the comfort of your own home and listen to the same songs over and over again!!!!!!!

OK, I'll try to write this post

My little trumpet playing boy is away on camp for this week, he'll be home tomorrow and then leaves for part 2 of his camp on Sunday returning the following Friday. I'm really missing him. Louis thinks it's great because he gets more food - I'm still cooking the same amount and there is one less mouth to feed.

Stephen has a couple of days off work so he has been working like a navvy getting the outside of the house ready to paint. He has been spending his weekends painting my parent's house, just the window frames. He is such a kind man, except for his insisting on playing this dratted music, as, in the words of Steely Dan, "any major dude will tell you".

Help, please

And now we have moved on to "Barry Town" - save me please: "I can see from what you carry that you come from Barry Town." Isn't that a great lyric. My husband's nickname is Barry, purely a coincidence.

I have been completely Steely Danned so I'll finish now and post again later.

8 Responses to “I've been Steely Danned”

  1. hehehe - good luck escaping Steely Dan! At least it's not The Wurzels (did you ever have 'em in Australia?!)... and I quote (in a Somerset accent):

    "Cuz I got a brand new combine harvester
    An' I'll give you the key
    Come on now let's get together
    In perfect harmony
    I got twenty acres
    An' you got forty-three
    Now I got a brand new combine harvester
    An' I'll give you the key "

  2. Were they the "All around my hat I will wear the green willow" lot?

  3. Are u reeling in the years
    Stowing away the time
    Are u gathering up the tears
    Have u had enough of mine

    oh sorry just singing along lol

    Hope u guys get to see them in concert....its hard when we down here and all the "good" concerts r on the mainland!!!

  4. Is there gas in the car? Is there gas in the car? I think the folks down the hall know who we are...

    Steely Dan Rocks!!!

  5. You go back Jack do it again
    Wheels turning round and round
    You go back Jack do it again...

    Steely Dan are the sound of my childhood...that and Fleetwood Mac...

  6. Ummm, from the mouth of a musician's daughter "Buy some earplugs?"te he.

    ~Amelia :-)

  7. Hi Jenny, I have tried to leave comments in the past and they were not accepted ... here's hoping today will be better.

    I too have been reminded several times that Steely Dan will be playing in Melbourne, so I can empathize! All the best re: the concert. Maybe the husbands could go together ...

    I loved your thoughts on the '1940's House'! It is my absolute favourite series (and era) and I had just finished watching the entire series (again) as a holiday treat when you posted. Foyle's War comes second I think - have you seen that it is now available on DVD and it has a lovely book to accompany it?


  8. "Skate a little lower now."

    Hey 19 is the only SD song I know!


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