Home Decorating 101

24 Apr 2007

Finally I have taken the time to finish the new curtains for the playroom. I only had to put the header tape on but that entailed remembering to buy it each time I went to town. Two months later the job is done. With the colder weather coming we need decent curtains or blinds on every window to stop the precious heat from disappearing straight out the into the night sky.

They are just a plain green gingham but a heavier weight that usual and a larger check. Honestly curtains and blinds come way up the top of the list for most boring item to sew. All those long straight seams , it makes you go onto auto pilot but that is dangerous because then you go wobbly or sew straight over a pin. I have made every curtain and blind in this house. There is a great sense of satisfaction when the job is done but I don't find it a very creative process.

Now making cushion covers that is another matter. I've bought some chenilles and a couple of other fabrics plus some pompoms. I have stacks of lace because the lovely Dannielle sent me some recently and I think I have some ricrac somewhere to add a bit of pizazz to my new covers . At the moment they are just in the design stage so any suggestions from all you wonderfully creative souls out there would be welcome. The cushions are not for sitting on , they go behind your back so that you don't go through the window.

3 Responses to “Home Decorating 101”

  1. Golly,your description of sewing curtains: so true. I need to make curtains and quilt covers for the small fry's room and I'm not relishing the thought. I like your curtains, and the cushions are wonderful!

  2. Hello! I'm visiting here for the first time after you kindly stopped by my blog. You have a lovely blog--I look forward to reading more! Love all your fabrics here--good luck with the curtains! Happy Days! :o)

  3. I love sewing curtains! I can be pretty lazy when it comes to sewing and curtains are a perfect project for exploiting laziness. Once you're past the initial math, there isn't much thinking required. And I almost always consider the selvages "finished" sides lol. And pins? Nah. Why pin if you haven't measured? I almost always just eyeball the whole thing. I told ya I could be lazy ;-)

    I think I have that same light green rosy fabric. It looks so familiar. I'm going to have to go on a hunt and see if there is some living here.

    I'm so glad you're enjoying your much belated package!

    Can't wait to see your finished curtains!!


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