The forgotten washing and the land of toadstools.

16 Apr 2007

This washing has been on the line for at least four days. Abandoned and uncared for. It wasn't left out because of rain continually wetting it I just failed to visit the clothesline, an act of rebellion during the holidays. The US Project Laundry List is having a National Hanging Out Day on 19th April to draw attention to how line drying rather than tumble drying can save money and have positive effects on the environment. Janet at Mrs Washalot has just posted about this and also mentions the Flickr group Beautiful Clotheslines begun by Toni at Simple Sparrow.You should go and have a look. I joined the group on the weekend.

Who would have thought there would ever be a group of people trying to get people to hang clothes on the line and another group running around taking photos of it . If I told my mother she would have fits of laughter. That something once so commonplace ( and I think, in Australia, it still is ) could attract such attention is almost bizarre. Hanging out the washing is a game I'm sure we all played as little tots, washing dollies clothes and pegging them out to dry.

I always wanted a long line across my backyard tied between the shed and a big tree with a prop to stop everything dragging on the ground. We instead have a vintage Hills Hoist at least 40 years old. My next door neighbours have a Hills hoist and a line but they have no trees in the backyard, we have many and not enough clear space for the line of my dreams. This little line is actually a rather crude badminton net constructed for the holidays. The weather has been so mild and settled, almost no wind. Perfect conditions for badminton but not clothes drying.

Not much floral colour in the garden at the moment. The leaves are starting to turn but apart from the plumbago and these little sweeties the main colour in my front garden is coming from the Great Toadstool Invasion.

These particularly evil looking toadies look like small cow pats and are everywhere this autumn

My fairy toadstools are returning ....

although whatever took bites out of them last year is doing the same thing now.

Plus we have this new orange variety pushing its way up under a geranium.

They are probably all incredibly poisonous but we only look , we don't touch. The land of the toadstools can be a very dangerous though enchanted place.

7 Responses to “The forgotten washing and the land of toadstools.”

  1. I'm glad you're joining the Flickr group, we seem to hang out heaps here still. (sorry if there's a bad pun in there) It boggled my mind when I first read that some housing estates in the US banned clotheslines. I just can't imagine it.

    Lovely Hills Hoist, I rather like them although G prefers the long line which I think is more work.

    And you must have had some rain? To have mushrooms already?

  2. Hi Janet, no we have had almost no rain this year though as I speak there is the tiniest spattering of rain happening, enough to make me go out and get my three loads of washing off the line in the dark. I think the toadstools get enough moisture from the heavy dew that happens each morning.

  3. Like Janet I'm horrified to hear that some people in America are forbidden to have clotheslines. Quite a few commenters on my blog tell me that every time I blog about The Laundry.

    Off to join the flickr group now.

  4. Thanks for the link. Just joined.

    I have lived in several neighborhoods that restricted clothesline use. I strung the lines across the back porch, less conspicuous that way.

  5. Since we rebuilt our laundry last year, I haven't had a clothesline, and so have to make do with a clothes airer and the dryer. Must remind Husby to install new clothesline - there is nothing like sun(or wind)-dried sheets. Love your fairy toadstools too.

  6. Love, love, love the clothes on the line! Making me dreamy!!!!!

  7. This is sure to make you laugh, but I had no idea that the red toadstools with the white dots were a real thing. Never in my life have I seen one. I always just assumed they were imaginary. Which is so funny because I love those dotty things. Even moreso now that I know they're real!


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