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Finished projects

17 Apr 2007

This little boy is finally winging his way to Canberra. He is for a 3 year old boy and I hope he enjoys him. He is certainly very nice to cuddle.

And here is my Easter rabbit only a week or so late. He is made from an old baby blanket that I purposely felted to use for various projects. Ever since Vicki started her blanket projects so long ago I have been keeping my eye open for the perfect blanket. I ended up buying two baby blankets from a local thrift shop for $2 each.

The braid around his neck is from a petticoat that belonged to my cousin way back in the 60s and was given to my daughter for playing dress-ups. The petticoat has slowly disintegrated but I saved the braid, about 2 meters of it.

He is all handsewn and stuffed with pure new wool fleece, I embroidered his features and he has wonderful golden whiskers.

This is the pattern I used, I think it dates from the mid 60s. I made the dog some time ago and he is for sale in my Etsy shop. This little bunny is for sale too. If you are interested check him out in my shop.

8 Responses to “Finished projects”

  1. Your bunny is gorgeous. Love the braid - same as braid my mum used to trim shorts she made for me when I was (much much) younger!

  2. Love the doll Jenny im sure he will be loved in his new home.......the bunny is so sweet, i love how u recycle!!

  3. The boy and the bunny are both charming!

  4. The doll and the bunny are so sweet and lovely.

  5. I love your Easter rabbit and especially the way you made it out of recycled materials!... This old pattern is worth every penny spent on it all those years ago...

  6. lovely - the little doll especially - it is so hard to get hair right - but this looks terrific!

  7. Lovely work Jenny. I have to agree with Katie. His hair looks great, and it is so hard to do!


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