Bargains and Goodbyes

2 Apr 2007

A quick trip to the supermarket today resulted in a wonderful bargain on lemons. Only $1 a kilo so I bought 2.5 kilos. The two ruby grapefruit cost as much as all the lemons. They are a treat for Mr Wren. We are in our second year of a lemon tree-less garden. Our old and very prolific tree died a long and painful death two years ago. We were so used to having lemons available almost all year round the thought of paying money for lemons was quite a shock. I guess that's why I went crazy this morning but at least lemons last well.

We picked up some horse chestnuts on the way home, Kate was with me. She was at music camp all weekend and was exhausted so I let her sleep in and spend a lazy day at home.

Shackleton is attempting to remain unseen by camouflaging herself against this vast area of uncluttered concrete.

The reason the concrete is bare is because this morning we said "Goodbye" to sweet Trumpy. Our old car has gone to a new home. She is a 1976 Triumph TC 2500. We bought her 22 years ago and she was in full use up until 4 years ago when my husband felt she needed to be retired and bought a new car. Since then she has been just sitting in the back garden looking like an eyesore, not a very fitting end for a reliable, comfortable car. Now she has gone to be restored by someone who has the time and the money to do the job well.

We have this bare space to remind us of Trumpy and to fill with something pretty.

Now the reason I went to the supermarket in the first place was to get some emergency choc bits. Louis discovered my chocolate hiding spot and polished off the lot. The little devil. I made the mixture for the biscuits and reached into my hiding spot and all I found was an empty packet. I should have made a special batch just for him, without the chocolate.

On further questioning Andy admitted to eating ALL of the choc bits and he said it with a big smile on his face.

6 Responses to “Bargains and Goodbyes”

  1. I love lemons - what are you planning to do with them? Lemon curd, cheesecakes, sponge cakes, marmalade? That is one thing that we always have in our shopping basket, and they always get used!

    My FIL had a Triumph Herald which he gave away (to a collector), he misses that car too.

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  3. what a fantastic sure u miss it........what did u do with the lemons???........our tree had four or five which we used for our fish over summer, not enough to make lemon meringue pudding lol

  4. Mr14 your a sneaky one aren't you. A couple of years ago we too parted with a dearly beloved car, ours was an 1960's Daimler, it sat in the garage for years, then we dragged it out intent upon doing something with it. Well we had picnics in it in the cold weather, sometimes one of us woulg go read a book in it but we didn't have the skill to do it up. Eventually we bit the bullet and sold it, there is a rumour going round town that someone has an awfully poosh 1960's Daimler sitting on there front drive now. We are told it is our old one but we haven't seen it ourselves yet. I'm glad someone was able to restore her to her former glory.

  5. Oh wow! I can see how you were sad at letting the car go. I love the old Triumphs. Chocolate is a good consoler you ever get the chance to eat it that is!

    Cherry xx

  6. I'm glad that your car is getting a chance to be restored to it's former glory! My DH and I love old cars (we have 3) and hate to see them going down in someones driveway or field. As hard as it was, it was a good decision.

    I so enjoy your vintage patterns. If only all those styles would come back in maybe then I could find something decent to wear!


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