After I finished the housework...

27 Apr 2007

Knitting by Anthony Watkins

After I finished the housework, the usual Friday vacuuming and dusting plus bringing in the washing from yesterday and paying the bills over the phone I settled in for some serious knitting. I'm trying to get my cardigan finished, the one I started just before Christmas. Its progress stalled during the hot dry weather and now with the cool of autumn, knitting is pleasurable again.

I settled in with my knitting and a couple of good books and did some serious knitting reading and thinking. First was Thrift to Fantasy which I enjoy reading while working, I find it inspiring to read about the generations of the mid 20th century and what their needlework meant to them. Even though the book is from New Zealand it speaks to me of my own family and their neverendingly busy hands working to make life and home more to their liking.

I've also just begun reading Mariana by Monica Dickens. Apart from reading and watching Follyfoot as a child this is my first experience of her adult fiction and I was captivated from the first page. I know this book is now available through Persephone books but mine is an old second hand copy . I also read through my Persephone Biannually which arrived earlier in the week and planned a couple of birthday presents for me.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been tagged to name 5 favourite and inspirational blogs by Rose, a fellow Tassie girl and given a Thinking Blogger Award by Salina,I'm honoured. This also involves thinking of 5 blogs that make me think. I've decided to put the two together and share some of my favourite, inspirational and thought provoking blogs. Some of these may have already been tagged but I'm beastly careless because this is my list.

Here goes:

Turkey Feathers- one of the first blogs I began visiting regularly and still find enjoyable and inspiring. I love all the bits and pieces Vicki makes and her chatty style.

Isabella in the 21st Century- a new blog by an old friend who I missed desperately when she had a hissy fit and deleted her old blog. Her love of women's domestic history and the rights of children to a decent and happy childhood as well as her dedication to all things English makes her blog a joy to read.

Contemplating Change- is written by my twin as we have found that we share many things from our own histories as well as a concern for living more simply and slowly, though if I slow down any more people may think I'm a statue.

Little Cotton Rabbits- Julie speaks honestly about her life as a mother and shares her beautiful knitting with us. Her work is inspirational, the whimsical little rabbits, the almost edible cakes all made with great care.

Echoes of a Dream- Simmy is another craft-loving and loving mum who generously shares her family, her crafty doings and the mysteries of her dye pot.

Pleasantview Schoolhouse- Anna makes everything domestic look so pretty.

Petticoat Lane- Amy has lots of great vintage pictures and great vintage links and is always in the same season as me .

What Katie Did- lots of lovely colour and beautiful crafts and a super studio/shed.

Princess Nimble Thimble- Dannielle makes the most beautiful dolls, bendies, embroidery, patchwork..... the list goes on.

Plus a new blog I just found the other day: Calico Rabbit

I know that's more than five but its my list and I'm a rule bender.

Of course there are many other blogs I visit often and enjoy and favourites lists always leave out someone who wonders why they were forgotten. I guess these lists are a good way to find some new blogs, you can see others that I visit in my list of links. Those on my list can consider themselves tagged and awarded but I won't take offence if you don't want to be a list maker.

5 Responses to “After I finished the housework...”

  1. oooh thanks for the link :-)
    I'm going to go and check out some others on your post here

  2. Hi Jenny
    Ooh, thank you for saying I make you think. What of?

    ...."hissy fit" cheeky b*gger!

  3. Hello Jenny. Thank you for the mention. Several of the blogs on your list are new to me and I'm looking forward to visiting them.

  4. Thank you for the link Jenny - your list of favourite blogs looks suspiciously like mine! I love your beautiful photos, your lovely quilts and your dolls. I especially loved your post about National Hanging Out Day!

  5. gosh! thank you so much - I've been feeling a bit 'stodgy' lately so to be given this gift from you has been treasure indeed! many thanks and take care


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