WIP - Winter Quilt

2 Mar 2007

I'm continuing to work on the abandoned quilt. Because it was a block of the month project I didn't have to select any of the fabrics, they were delivered to me each month. The only thing that is my choice is the embroidery thread for the blanket stitch.

This crumpled square is the one I have just finished. I know now why I stopped before. The interfacing that I used to attach these pieces was so stiff I have sore fingers from forcing the needle through. I remember that it was a brand I hadn't used before and hopefully I never use it again. This particular block is very stiff but I'm assuming it will soften when it is washed.

I went over the two middle blocks to make sure I hadn't missed any stitching and now they are ready for their sashing fabric.

The first row is ready to be sewn together.

Now I just have to assemble and applique the final block, do all the sashing strips and put it all together. I have all the border fabric ready and there are some hearts to applique as well. Also there is a little bit of embroidery such as the angels face to be done.

I did find a vintage but unused ( still in it's original packet) flannelette, stripey sheet to use as the backing. It is in autumn colours and is so soft. I've washed it so it shouldn't shrink anymore.

I have seen this quilt done in spring colours and it looks very pretty but totally different. It is amazing how the colours can give the quilt a totally different feel.

11 Responses to “WIP - Winter Quilt”

  1. Just lovely Jenny, cant wait to see the finished product.

  2. This blanket is going to be so beautiful and I really admire your patience when I look at all those million stitches. When I enlarged the picture I saw that you´ve used the blanket stitch, and all by hand, it´s exciting how busy you are. The colours are lovely for autumn and when it is washed and soft I am sure it will be the most favorite blanket in your home.

  3. That is just so pretty. I know exactly what you mean by how colors can change the look of a quilt, I sometimes actually like to make the same quilt twice but with different colorways. I can't wait to see it finished!

  4. The quilt is coming along beautifully! I can't wait to see it finished. I have never handstitched a quilt~one I made is tied and one was machine quilted~so I really admire your patience also!

  5. This blanket looks so lovely. I admire your work.You are really very busy.

  6. thats stunning you talented thing! it is going to look absolutely amazing!
    well done you.
    (spotted the awe in my vioce?)

  7. Its going to look and feel great. Patience....you must have loads of that!

  8. It is going to be so very gorgeous. Your just too talented!

  9. Simply Gorgeous! A woman in my quilt class is stitching her quilt with a flannel backing; she said it is very easy to quilt through the material.
    I am inspired by your project.


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