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Vintage Patterns

16 Mar 2007

Here is the first installment of my Mum's sewing patterns. These are all women's patterns from before 1966 which is when decimal currency began in Australia . There is no date printed on the patterns but they are all priced in pence so that's how I dated them.

This is my Mother's wedding dress. She and my Dad married in early 1953 and she made her own dress as I did some 27 years later. She let us use her wedding dress as a dress up years later which showed very little respect for her fine handwork.

This dress she made for my little sister's Christening . I was only 3 at the time but I have seen the photos. It was made without the overskirt and she did the bodice in a blue polka dot and the rest of the dress and jacket in plain mid blue. I think she wore a red hat with it.

The rest of the patterns I don't really remember as I was born in 1959 and I just knew my mum looked nice I didn't remember style details. She made a lot of clothes by choice, we were not poor and we were not rich . In those days women just made their own clothes and she enjoyed it.

This dressing gown pattern belongs to my Auntie Maisie. She was a very skillful dressmaker and in fact when her marriage broke up in the late 60s she supported herself and her two children through her sewing skills.

The baby doll pyjama pattern was actually used to make a bed jacket for my Mum when she was pregnant to be used in the hospital, a modest and practical garment for the nursing mother, much more comfortable when sitting in bed than a dressing gown.

13 Responses to “Vintage Patterns”

  1. The patterns are just divine! I especially love the Christening dress, and the dressing gown (I would wear that today as an overcoat!) What treasures!

  2. How lovely Jenn. The Wedding dress pattern would still be beautiful today.

  3. What a fabulous collection of patterns mother unfortunatley was not as sentimental, she disposed of all her patterns years ago when she moved house.... i was hoping that if she still had them, to pass them on to u, maybe keep the ones sentimental to me...but i cant......have a great weekend!!!

  4. What a wonderful collection of vintage patterns!
    Are you planning to use any of them???

  5. those patterns are marvelous! I love those vintage dresses.

  6. Jenny,
    What memories you bring back for me. My mother also sewed and knitted all my clothes. I remember a day out in the city (Melbourne) all dressed up in my Sunday best sitting on tall chairs picking out patterns from the pattern books and then carefully choosing the fabric...I wanted to work in a material shop when I was a little girl just to be able to rip the length of fabric as they did, a little nick and then the big rip!!! How times have changed, you ALWAYS brighten my day!!!

  7. What an interesting collection. I wonder how many of us will have something similar to pass on to our own children what with our obsession with decluttering!
    I was born in the same year as you and remember some of the styles. By the time I was growing up my mother was making things like the two piece you have the Butterick pattern for. She used to make quite a lot in Crimplene. Do you remember that? I think it was one of the first easy care fabrics and if I remember rightly it didn't fray when you cut it and it didn't need ironing - you just washed it and let it drip-dry.

  8. I am green with envy, you are going to have such a wonderful wardrobe once you have worked your way through that lot. Glad to hear that you foot is back on the mend. Thanks for your kind comment.

  9. I have some of the same patterns from my mom! And... I think her wedding dress was the same pattern!They made hers, and I made mine. Hers was short sleeved with the lace just on the top, not over the entire dress...but it was very much that style, if not that exact pattern. She married in 1964.

    So, will you make any of them? For years I played in my moms old clothes that were very much like the Butterick patterns you show - Loved the full skirts and the petticoats that went underneath!

    And bed jackets! I totally love bed jackets. I want to knit myself some - I made one of flannel from an old bed jacket pattern, and love it - the down comforter keeps my legs warm, but when I want to sit in bed and read, I need something around my shoulders!

  10. I love this fabulous collection of patterns.What treasures!!!

  11. How beautiful. I often dream of being able to spend a day back in time. I can just see myself going over to total strangers and saying "What a LOVELY dress! Did you make it? Could I just try it on for a short, little minute?" Thanks for sharing.


  12. This patterns are so beautiful, I like the style of those years very much. In my opinion this kind of dresses and skirts and trousers make women look beautiful, elegant and very feminin, a style I still love. I remember that my mother had her clothes all by her own dressmaker made, this was quite usual at this time, there were not much pretty clothes ready-made to buy. You must be very proud to own such a treasure, it´s a wonderful collection!

  13. It's so fun to see the styles from that time period. I agree it was such a beautiful and feminine style. Your mother must have looked very lovely in those dresses. Please let us know if you sew any of them. Debbie


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