She'll be apples.

6 Mar 2007

The past two weekends have been spent cleaning out the vegetable garden. It has been well limed and now also fed with compost and blood and bone.

We have had a wonderful season for fruit and an abysmal season for vegetables.

Our two apple trees are loaded and the green apples are almost ripe.

The raspberries are waiting to be pruned and those tall plants are Jerusalem artichokes which last year threatened to take over the entire plot and so were moved to another place in the garden. These are just the stragglers from the tubers we missed.

We did get quite a few self seeded potatoes which we feasted on last weekend . Gently steamed then sweated in butter and seasoned with fresh chives, seasalt and pepper with just a smattering of grilled free range bacon and served with fresh from the oven bread. A simple but delicious meal for the workers.

Our perennial shallots are in their third year and continue to provide for both salads and cooked dishes. We have a huge problem with oxalis in our garden. A local gardening guru suggested lime when the pest is in full leaf so we are trying it. No doubt they will flourish.

Our pumpkins have been so slow after being burnt by savage hot winds and then hit by frost. I doubt they will have enough time to grow to maturity but they are very cute and they are trying.

The last of our strawberries are dusty but safe from the birds as my daughter built a little shelter over them with a neighbouring marigold.

So the garden is already to be planted once again. I'm supposed to be doing that today but I have spent the day on the couch knitting and nursing a sprained foot. I did lots of extra walking last week and foolishly did most of it in my sandals instead of wearing decent walking boots or shoes. I could feel it getting worse all week but decided to ignore it. Now I have to take notice because I can't bear any weight on my left foot at all. Hopefully a couple of days rest will see me right.

4 Responses to “She'll be apples.”

  1. Your garden looks wonderful, sorry to hear about your foot hope it soon feels better.

  2. Hope the foot is better soon. Your fruit trees look so good. I am really looking forward to some nice weather and gardening.

  3. Those strawberrys look yummo Jenn. What has happened to P&S? I miss her.

  4. My, my how your garden DOES grow! YUM.


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