Sensible Shoes

14 Mar 2007

Well she is back on her feet and ready for action. Thanks so much for all your kind comments. As long as I don't walk too far and wear sensible shoes I'm OK. While I was sitting around on my comfortable behind waiting for nature to take her course with my foot she also got to work outside in the garden.

The Autumn crocuses (Colchicum) started to pop up and the red Nerines arrived as well. The red ones always come first followed by the white and then the pink.

Because I couldn't manage the vegetable garden she got to work there too and pushed up self seeded broad beans all over the place....

and silver beet ( Swiss chard) as well.

I planted broccoli yesterday and we have some leeks to go in too.

On Sunday we spent most of the day at my parent's home. Mr Wren is painting their window frames for them. We had a lovely baked dinner with roast lamb and a steamed pudding for dessert. After lunch, while the boys worked on the windows, the girls took a trip down memory lane and went through all of my sister's and my old clothes to see if there was anything there my daughter might like to wear.

My Mum has kept so many things from my childhood and I am really grateful to her as I know many parents would have tossed it all years ago. I was amazed by how many dresses my mum had made for my sister and me when we were young. So many beautiful things and so well made. Most were not fussy clothes, we did not have any smocked dresses or frilly things but good classic styles, some for best and some for around the house. She obviously took great pleasure in making things for us because as well as the home sewing there were many handknitted jumpers and cardigans.

After we had finished that journey we went through all Mum's old dressmaking patterns. I had no idea she had so many, covering the years from the early 50s to the late 70s when she stopped sewing clothes all together. Most of the 70s patterns were actually mine. I made my first proper garment when I was 12 and after that made most of my own skirts and dresses as well as knitted my jumpers and cardigans. I was never made to do this, I just really enjoyed it. Going to the fabric store, choosing a pattern and then the fabric was one of my favourite past times.

Anyone with an interest in vintage patterns will be interested to know that I am now the proud owner of all my Mum's patterns. I feel as though I have won a lottery. I am slowly working my way through them and I will share some of them with you over the next few days. The only unfortunate thing is that my mum has always been a little smaller than me so the patterns may need a few alterations, or I might.

The children's patterns are just gorgeous and it's really interesting to compare the pattern with the garment that my Mum made and see how she interpreted it, how it changed with a different weight fabric or different embellishments. Can you tell I am enjoying this.

I'll leave you with this interloper who was perched above my head when I woke up this morning. Yes Mr Stick insect was busy blending in with the background pretending to be a twig growing off the bed head.

7 Responses to “Sensible Shoes”

  1. Oh Jenny you are so lucky - what a treasure trove! If you were ever inclined to sell them you would make a fortune on eBay (especially the 50's patterns!) - not that you should sell them, they would be a delight for you, and your daughter, to look at!

  2. I am so glad that your ankle is improving! I am looking forward to seeing those vintage patterns! I, too, have fond memories of picking out patterns, fabric and notions over the summer to make a few outfits for the school year! It was a nice walk down memory lane

  3. Glad u r on the mend Jenny!! How wonderful for ur mum to have keep all that!! My mother was a dressmaker and my childhood was filled with her patterns and materials actually living in my room....(she made my wedding dress, which i still have)....i must ask her if she still has her old patterns, there may be some there that would interest u!!

  4. Glad you're feeling better - and love the shoes :) You're so lucky to have stick insects, we had them when I was little as school pets, except I had them one holiday and a couple escaped! Mum wasn't happy when half of the house plants looked 'lacy'!

    Enjoy your patterns, they sound lovely and have great memories attached to them.

  5. Glad you are up and about again. It must feel wonderful to have all your mom's patterns. Your joy shines through your writing.

    Those walking sticks are amazing insects!

    Marie N.

  6. How nice your garden looks; by fall mine is quite done and not very pretty.
    You are so fortunate to acquire all your mom's old patterns. Enjoy, and I am looking forward to seeing some of them. Debbie

  7. What a wonderful discovery! I find that it is harder to get rid of things I have made myself than things bought in a shop. One has the memories of making it as well as the memories of someone special wearing it.


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