Pandora's Treasures

15 Mar 2007

During my enforced couch sit last week I finished all the hand sewing on my quilt and so I went back to the depths of my needlework basket and found this treasure.

These are the stitchery blocks from a little quilt pattern I bought in Adelaide 8 years ago.

The carefully traced blocks were placed in Pandora's box and over time the patterns for the Country Collectibles quilt went in on top and my days of the week were forgotten.

So now I am working on getting the embroidery on this little quilt finished.

All that's left in the basket now is a cross stitch project that I started about 10 years ago. It is waiting patiently and lucky for me the moths and silverfish don't seem to be interested in it.

3 Responses to “Pandora's Treasures”

  1. Those are wonderful, Jenny. I love the days of the week theme. Like you, I have needlework projects tucked away that I started long ago. Someday I'll get to them... Debbie

  2. I love them all! I adore quilts with embroidered bits!

  3. I want to learn to embroider and make something like this! Just love it!
    Please come visit my blog in Belgium.


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