More Vintage Patterns

22 Mar 2007

It's been a hard day for kittens and mothers. I'm in the middle of several different projects and I'm aiming to get them all finished by Sunday when we have a stall at the Heritage Fair. This year I am selling mainly second hand goods, normally I make a whole lot of dolls and things for Easter but I needed a change. I'm just selling a few country style dolls and maybe a couple of other bits and bobs if I get them finished in time.

I have several more vintage patterns for your enjoyment. These are all children's patterns dating from the early 50s to the mid 60s. The baby patterns mostly belonged to my Auntie Maisie so they are from around 1954 when my cousin was born.

This pattern and the one below were dresses made for Sunday school. The one above was made from a dainty lemon floral fabric and my sister and I both had the same dresses. We wore little white hats with them and long white socks. The one below was an aqua dress with white piping and buttons. It was very smart. My mum made me a matching hat to wear with it.

I don't remember this dress but as it is tiny I was probably a toddler when I wore it. My daughter has bought home a number of these little frocks from Mum's house as dolls dresses for her big doll ( my old big doll)

This was another Sunday School dress that I loved. The full skirt had extra body because of a built in petticoat. Just the thing for spinning in and feeling like a princess.

This outfit was an all time favourite. The pinafore was in a grey and white houndstooth check and the little shirt was a musk stick pink flannel. It was soft and lovely. My sister had one the same.

We had a new winter coat each year and often a summer coat as well. Sometimes Mum made our coats and sometimes they were bought ones. We recently threw most of them away because they had been savaged by the moths.


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  2. Ooo. What lovely patterns. My sister would look so cute in those. I wish we could buy decent dresses in stores instead of "hooker chic" (it's even in the baby department!).


  3. i am so enjoying all the patterns and how it brings back memories for me. my mum made all my clothes and my grandma did all the knitting. thank you for sharing! good luck with the stall.

  4. Such an adorable kitty - my cat does the same thing with his tongue when he's asleep!

    Those little yellow dresses are too cute. One of my favorite dresses when I was little was a long, yellow calico print dress my Mom made for me for Easter. I'll never forget it.

    Thank you for sharing them with us!


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