5 Mar 2007

Today I went for lunch to a friend's house with a group of women who shared my daughter's early life with me: the women from playgroup. Every week we used to meet in an old church hall to talk about life while our children played and fought together. Now our children are all at school , we have all moved out of the childbearing stage to the child and teenage rearing stage.

This is a doll I made long ago for my daughter when she was playgroup age. We found her on the weekend stuffed in a black plastic bag dressed only in her big purple knickers. My daughter still plays with dolls but not so much anymore and she had no memory of Miss Purple Knickers.

In the black plastic bag we also found these three dolls my mum had kept for me from my childhood. The two with ginger hair are English dolls and my mum made the clothes. I always thought the one in the middle was very special because she came in a box with writing in French, she was much longer limbed than the other two sturdy dolls and I thought her face was beautiful. She reminded me of one the characters in my favourite book "Mary's Happy Year".

I recently found out that the book was illustrated by a Belgian man Marcel Marlier so perhaps it was that western European look that attracted me. The books were named Martine in Europe. I was lucky enough to find "Mary goes to the Park" recently. Until then I had no idea that my book had been part of a series.

If you follow the links you will see some of his beautiful artwork.

3 Responses to “Martine”

  1. I like this kind of painting so much, when I was a child the first thing with every book was to look at the pictures and if there was a little girl whose look I liked, I wanted so much to be like her and always tried to have the same hair style, so I´ve spent a lot of hours before the mirror. And I was so sad that my plaits were not stiff as Pipi´s.
    And I absolutely LOVE the Rowan picnic blanket, the colours are awfully lovely, but the yarn is also awfully expensive.

  2. My favourite doll when I was little was called Susie and she was a bride doll. Remember those?

  3. Love the dolls and love the illustrations.


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