Hobbledy Hoy

8 Mar 2007

Now you would think that sitting around all day long on the couch with your foot up would be bliss. Think again. While you lie there you are slowly being covered in a layer of dust that is descending over the whole house. You can see the floor getting crunchier and crunchier even when no one is at home to make it dirty. You dread your family coming home because no baking has been done and they will all start tweeting at you " what is there tweet, Mum?"

I can't even plant the seedlings that need to go in because if I spend more than 10 painful minutes on my foot it starts to swell. I haven't been down to the chickens since Monday although I'm sure someone else has, I have hobbled out to the letter box though and things are slowly getting better.I didn't ever realise all the little things I do automatically that keep the household going. All that tidying, the quick sweep of the kitchen, wiping down the bathroom sink, you know, all the reflex things that just get done. My husband is convinced there is no food in the house because there aren't any meals staring up at him from his plate. Not that he can't pull a meal together he just isn't in the swing of meal preparation.

My younger son is home from school today so he has done some cleaning and has now gone off to the shops for some milk, cat food and toilet paper, plus a treat ofcourse to thank him for his hard work.

11 Responses to “Hobbledy Hoy”

  1. Take care of that ankle! In the past I sprained my right ankle numerous times. I also broke it twice! Ugh! I certainly understand. I will be thinking of you.

  2. oh poor you - can you do a bit of knitting or stitching or the like? I love the idea of 'tweeting' my family tweet at me endlessly - it sounds better put like that somehow!
    take care

  3. Take care Jenny and thanks for the comment in my blog.

  4. Feet up, you don't often get that chance so make yousrelf comfie, cup of tea, nice cushion and take great care.

  5. Oh no! You poor thing. I imagine your hands are still busy even though your foot needs rest.

    Remember, no one ever died of a crunchy floor. It will all still be there when you're feeling better.

    In the mean time, pull out some inspiring handwork, layer your "nest" with all the best pillows, and be a princess for a little while.

  6. Hope you get better soon, but rest that ankle first... Dust doesn't hurt anyone...

  7. Take care, rest and I hope you will be up and about soon.
    I like the term crunchy floor, I know exactly what you mean, in fact my kitchen floor is probably a bit crunchy at the moment and I don't have an excuse

  8. Oh, I know how you feel ~ the hardest part of being laid up, for me, is looking around & thinking of all that needs to be done. It's much more important that you rest, though. Try to relax, craft, and enjoy being waited on. Debbie

  9. Ugh - ankes are such a pain (very useful, but a pain nonetheless!). I have lax tendons so mine go over quite a lot - I've broken my right ankle twice and sprained it so often I have my own supply of tubigrip! Alternating hot and cold compresses helps alot.

    Get well soon! :)

  10. My thoughts are with you, it´s always terrible to keep quiet when you are forced to. But make the best out of it, don´t look at the dust and let your family pamper you and do all the things you´ve planned for those moments, when you are not willing to move away from your comfy chair. But above all - get well soon!

  11. Dust won't rot. Take care of that foot. After the chores *you* must do be sure to put it up with ice.

    Hope you are feeling better and back about your routines soon.


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