1 Mar 2007

Yesterday was Launceston Cup Day and a holiday for some, my husband included. It was also my daughter's swimming carnival. So while I went to the swimming Mr Wren busied himself for the best part of 4 hours picking and eating and searching for the ultimate blackberries.

He bought home 5kg, that's 11lbs of ripe delicious blackberries from down the river. When he does a job he does it well. He came home scratched and stained but victorious. So a pie had to be made. First the shortcrust pastry was prepared then chilled. Then a layer of brown sugar, followed by a mountain of berries, more sugar and the lid. Into a moderately hot oven and....

forty minutes later, heaven in a pie dish. The smell and that sublime taste take you straight back to your childhood. We were not disappointed and neither were the children. Now there is jam to make , another pie I'm sure or maybe a crumble and I'll freeze the rest for more yumminess in the winter.

These two have worked out the best way to spend a holiday is curled up together on the window seat soaking up the last of the summer sun.

6 Responses to “Gleaning”

  1. N'oor - such cute kitties. I love them the best when they curl up like that!

  2. I had missed your last few entries (work). I love your photos of City Park, the Gingerbread house looks delicious and the blackberries - yum! I must admit we stood and ate all the lovely, plump blackberries we gleaned - but did stew the apples (there's lots more bottling ahead!)

  3. hi there.. what two gorgeous little fellas!!! there sooooo cute

  4. Those blackberries just made my mouth water. Now I want to go blackberrying and we have months and months and months to go before then! Who would have thought I could have a longing for autumn when we haven't even seen the end of winter yet?

  5. What blackberries! Those are definitely some of my favourite fruits, I'm glad you enjoyed your pie, it looks delish!

  6. Ohhh I can smell that pie baking all the way in Ohio. Your kitchen will smell so good when you are making the jams too.


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