Bad Housekeeping

28 Mar 2007

There has not been too much Good Housekeeping going on around here this week. It's been more a case of catch as catch can. My week has been totally disrupted by a bad case of dreamitis combined with the totally disrupting effect of Jury Duty.

Not that I have actually been selected for a jury panel yet I just have to keep presenting myself for the grand lottery. I race around each morning, just like when I used to work , to make sure the house is nice to come home to, not depressing and overwhelming. Then I get dressed, make sure all the animals are where they should be and head off to the bus stop. We live close to three different bus routes that all end up in town. This morning I managed to miss two of the three and arrived in town with only ten minutes to dash around to the court.

I have never in my life been in any sort of court so I find that part of jury duty fascinating; being able to see inside this lovely old building without any anxiety because I'm not on trial. The court house is an old Victorian building so I expected it to be quite ornate inside but it is really very restrained and sombre.Such a serious place. I find it difficult to believe that if I do get selected for the jury panel I will be deciding a stranger's future.

My dreamitis is something that comes upon me every now and then when I have a strong desire to set aside all thoughts of the ordinary and just ponder. I get filled with a desperate need to read books that make me think more deeply or just differently. Ofcourse when I get home from not being chosen for the jury all I want to do is make a cup of coffee, find a tasty morsel and a sunny chair and read and think...... What I actually should do is remember what I planned to have for dinner and what can I give everyone for school lunches tomorrow, do I have to do any baking and is there any washing to be done. I end up doing a bit of this and a bit of that.

I guess I could be pondering the fact that some people have very little to do with the legal system and others spend an awful lot of time in and out of courts and in and out of gaol and the terrible effects that must have on all their family members. I should be thinking about how grateful we should be that the brutalising effects of crime haven't touched our family. I should be thinking about the police and lawyers who have to deal with crimes and the court system everyday and how that effects them and their families. I guess I get to do my pondering after all.

4 Responses to “Bad Housekeeping”

  1. Bring a book along when you are waiting around in that grand lottery! Should you be selected to sit on a trial panel I wish you a short trial.

    Last summer I had to apprear for that same lottery. I was not selected. It struck me as strange when I heard the lawyers question some of the people--this was the third and fourth time some of them had been selected to a panel. I'm very glad that was not me! I was paying a sitter to watch my kids some of the days I was gone.

  2. Hope you can knit while waiting around at court, or perhaps a little sewing.

  3. I've just stumbled upon your lovely blog. Is Little Jenny Wren from the nursery rhyme, or does it have another reference? Your garden is fabulous.

  4. I have been to court ONCE, during legal studies at i know where it is and what it looks like and i had to stay there all day so it left me with the impression that i dont want to revisit...ever!!!...u r so brave, its a scary place and i have always managed to escape jury duty....but my time will come!!!!


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