Two Little Girls

22 Feb 2007

These two girls have headed off to Armidale to join the doll I sent a month ago. I'm sure they will be too hot but as it gets quite cold there in the winter they will soon be glad of their woolly jumpers.

My daughter, my husband and my two sons think that this one looks just like me. My skin is not quite that dark though and I don't wear a bow in my hair any more. She is very cute although this picture gives her a maniacal stare. I don't think I qualify in the cuteness stakes but I do aspire to being a cute but wise little old lady.

4 Responses to “Two Little Girls”

  1. I think your dolls are so wonderful!

  2. these are adorable!!

  3. I love those two little girls! Their jumpers are so sweet...

  4. what beautiful dolls!! well done i love there clothes


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