Term 1, 2007

7 Feb 2007

First day back at school, first morning of making school lunches. Two brand new lunch boxes and the other lunch goes in a brown paper bag. Grade 12s don't use lunch boxes.

Special back to school breakfast of pikelets, butter and golden syrup or maple syrup. I made gazillions but they only ate half of them. Mr Wren and I had a lovely snack later of cold pikelets and butter. Yummo.

New school shoes, preserved for posterity with this photo as they will never look like this again. After a few months of lunchtime football, soccer, rugby and whatever else he can think of they will look like they belong to a tramp. Once Mr 14's shoes actually exploded from all the "boy" treatment.

My lovelies, unfortunately suffering from blackface , getting ready for the first day of school photo session. Aren't they lovely? How did they ever get so big?

9 Responses to “Term 1, 2007”

  1. Everything is always so shiny and new at the beginning of the new school year.
    I wish them a successful year ahead.

  2. Gosh is blackface catching? Seriously everyone looks very smart, you don't see that often round here.

  3. They are so smart! Like you, here, shoes don't last very long either...

  4. The pikelets look like griddlecakes or pancakes (synonyms) to me. I did a quick search for a recipe and it looked very similar too. Is this a back-to-school tradition in your family?

    Everyone seems excited abou the first day back to school!

    Exploding shoes -- that sounds serious!

  5. Love your photos. I especially love the one with your children in school uniforms, I always fancied the idea of having equal clothes at school, sadly we don´t have them here. So again - love that picture!

  6. I love that your boys get to wear shorts! How cute. Do you just ache for them when they are away at school all day? We want to homeschool for many excellent sensible reasons but one of my silly reasons is because I don't want to part with my baby just because he's four!

  7. The uniforms are just too precious! Jackets and nice shoes and all!

    I, too, was wondering if pikelets were the same as pancakes. I'll have to google a recipe to see. :)


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