Stealth in the Playroom.

16 Feb 2007

Most mornings I'm out of bed by 6am. All my life, if left to my own devices I have woken at 7.45am but now that I'm in my "middle years" my body clock has decided I had better make the most of every day and get up earlier. Oh well, if that's the way it has to be then I have to find some positives in my new rhythm.

Firstly, I never have to wake to that awful shrill sound of the alarm clock any more. I still set it , just in case, you never know when my body may decide this early morning caper was just a passing fad.

Next happy thought; the early morning is now my private time. We have passed the time of toddlers ready to rage in the wee hours and there are certainly no babies to be fed ( apart from the kittens) . Teenage boys will sleep until woken and then more if you let them. That's the other reason I need private time in the morning: teenagers especially 17 year olds like to stay up late. If I want time to myself in the evenings to contemplate my day and plan the next I have to stay up longer than Mr 17. My husband gives up and goes to bed early. If I try to stay up late I still wake early so I end up needing an afternoon nap. Much better to get a good night's sleep I think.

Next. Rising early means I have plenty of time to plan my day and remember all the things I was supposed to do the night before but forgot to do ; fill in the form about the school fair, fix the hem on my daughter's uniform etc.

Because the we are still in summer there are no fires to light to warm the house so when I get up I head straight for the playroom. This is where my work table is. It is also home to the piano, stereo, computer and all my craft books. It used to house the children's toys too, hence the name. I suppose it's still for play but the toys have changed.

I like to sit down at my always beautifully tidy table, ha ha, and think about my day, jotting down things I have to remember to do, anything that comes to mind really, not just jobs for today . Then I check my emails and my blog and pop out to the kitchen, silently and with great stealth so as not to wake anyone, to make a coffee. Our home is small, we have wooden floors, all the doors creak and the kettle has a loud click so sneaking is essential but probably pointless.

Back to my table and a spot of knitting and some mental gymnastics as I try to figure the plan of action for the day. I am a great day dreamer and I think I'm a nicer person if I have time to ponder my day before I have to cope with anyone else's needs.

I wonder what trick my body will pull next; make me go for a walk, perhaps, at 6am and line up with the oldies to be the first to buy the morning paper. Hopefully that's still a long long way off.

4 Responses to “Stealth in the Playroom.”

  1. I loved reading this post this morning Jenny. I'm also an early riser, sometimes unwittingly if I'm woken up earlier for some reason, and then never get back to sleep, like today. Four AM is too early, so I will need a nap by this afternoon. It's still dark as I write, nice and quiet, and also my favorite time to gather my thoughts and plan my day.

  2. This is a really nice post, it's interesting to see how other's spend their time. I have fits and starts of waking early, but usually I can sleep through anything (a full doctor's examination when I was a child and ill with gastroenteritis!). I think waking in the summer to a bright morning is magical, but a cold winter morning less-so (definitely a time to snuggle under the covers!).

  3. I'm afraid I've never really been an early riser but it is probably because I do stay up far too late. I know just what you mean about the 17 year old in the house!

  4. I am an early riser also~usually out of bed by 5:30. Of course that's when my husband gets up too, so I really don't have that early morning time alone, but its a nice quiet time for the two of us. My teenagers are the same~up late and love to sleep in!
    Your 'playroom' looks like a great place to spend time! Debbie


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