Pancakes, Puns and Jumpers

20 Feb 2007

This was the solitary pancake left after the marauders departed for school and work. Our chooks have gone off the lay, I think they have decided it is too hot to be bothered, so I actually had to go buy some eggs before I could cook the pancakes. Thank goodness for early opening supermarkets. I could have walked down yesterday but it was too hot to be bothered. There is a lot of too hot to be bothered going on at the moment. And as for knitting lifesized garments. Forget it - too sweaty.

Just the time then for some mini sweaters, no pun intended. In Australia we actually call a sweater a jumper. No I don't know why but I don't think it is anything to do with kangaroos.

All my dolls have their jumpers now, all ends have been darned in and all buttons sewn on.

Some are dolls for my Etsy shop and some are flying up to Armidale to the Grassroots Ecostore.

I'm taking a short dolly break now to knit my Dad some socks for his 80th birthday and I want to do some of that applique quilt for my daughter.

9 Responses to “Pancakes, Puns and Jumpers”

  1. MMMMMMmmmmm...pancakes! Although pancakes seem to be a bit different over there. The pancakes I make are much too thick to fold over like that.

    I love noticing those little jumpers and sweaters. Although I've yet to figure out what you (and the Brits) call what we call a jumper over here in the US (you know, a sleeveless dress that is worn over a shirt).

    Your little sweaters are adorable! And there is nothing better than a handknit sock.

    I am, however, completely in love with the little quilt on the table behing the sock. Did you make it?

  2. Hi Dannielle, I think what you call a jumper we would call a pinafore not to be confused with a pinny which is a full apron.
    I suppose the pancakes are really crepes. The thicker ones I tend to call hotcakes, or if they are very small I would call them pikelets.
    The little quilt is one I made as a a few years ago. It used to be a wallhanging but I found I never really looked at it so now it is on the kitchen table. It is from a Bareroots pattern, a US company. If you would like it I will send it to you as I won't use it again. Email me and let me know if you want it. Jenny

  3. Your doll sweaters are too cute! I give you a lot of credit even knitting small items in the the heat. Right now we have just the opposite problem. My knitting keeps me warm! Your crepes look really yummy!

  4. Lovely jumpers and pancakes (we call them jumpers over here, too!) :)

    I don't know how you cope with the heat! Our neighbours are visiting Sydney and have been told to expect 40C weather - far too hot for me.

  5. Just saying Hello and I wanted to let you know I love reading your blog. I've been reading it a while now, it's one of my favourites.
    I'm still very much a beginner knitter. I've been to Australia, but only NSW.
    I'm in the UK..where sweaters are jumpers.

  6. Hi Jenny, thnx for visiting my blog and introducing wonderful to find another tasmanian in bloggerland and one who is so close in distance. I have just spent some time reading ur blog and i love it....i really love ur quilts and heres my opinion, when u run out of beds to make quilts for start using chairs and couches lol.....those crocheted rugs brought back memories for me, especially seeing them in the back of my grandparents car and i just love ur dolls. U r truly talented and very inspiring. Ill be back to visit ur blog again, i just love it!!

  7. Hi Jenny

    I love the little jumpers. Particularly the pink one with the puffed sleeves! I shall be making pancakes for pudding tonight. D has found a Famous Five recipe, apparently Aunt Fanny makes great pancakes...hope I can measure up!

  8. The jumpers are so sweet. I like this colours.
    Mmmh...pancakes..they look very good..

  9. Those little sweaters are wonderful! You are gettingme to thinking the my daughter's doll needs a new wardrobe :-)

    I like the pink and yellow sweater best.


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