Nick Nack Paddy Whack

9 Feb 2007

Last week we went to the new big op shop. We being my husband, my daughter and me. A momentous day indeed as my husband would rather cut off his right hand than go shopping. For some reason he thought it would be a good idea.

For many years he has talked about this record, Children's Favourites. A favourite from his childhood that he wanted to share with his own children. You have guessed ofcourse that he found a copy and unbelievably it is in really good nick, no scratches at all. He was so happy and our daughter has really enjoyed listening to it although the boys are too old to take much interest. Isn't that funny, the record was just waiting there for him.

My husband has only a few days of his holidays left and the children are back at school, order has almost returned to the house.I really think the person who invented back to school should take a long hard look at themselves. What a week!

Ofcourse being a last minute kind of person and wanting to keep any notion of the end of holidays as far away as possible we left everything until this week: new school shoes, covering school books,checking school uniforms.

Now that they are back at school the notices have started coming home, medical forms, instrument hire, music lessons, and on it goes. All that plus trying to come to grips with new timetables, sport practice times, remembering bus money. It's enough to make a grown woman run and hide.

Having school age children has forced me to be organised to a degree I never managed when I was just a working grown up. I keep trying to buck the system though, I can't let those organised and timetable obsessed teachers take over our family life completely. Or maybe I should just give in and let them make a timetable for me as well.

2 Responses to “Nick Nack Paddy Whack”

  1. You have the right attitude there, and I'm so pleased your husband was able to get that record, memories like that should be handed down the generations.

  2. Exactly as it should be ~ a perfect balance. It sounds as though you've got your household running perfectly :) I have record from my child by Roger Whittaker which I still play to this day!


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