John Hart Conservatory

27 Feb 2007

I had to collect my daughter from school today at lunchtime so we went for a walk in City Park. We collected some acorns and then headed for the cool, quiet comfort of the conservatory.

This has always been a special place for my children when they were small and my daughter is still young enough to see the magic as well as the beauty.

The celosia and begonias were so brilliant, looking almost tropical.

All the vibrant pinks, yellows and oranges reminded me of the Indian patchworks my cousin bought home from her travels.

Then there are all the marvellous cool greens, so restful and quiet.

There surely must be fairies and gnomes here somewhere. My children have always believed they could spy them amongst the ferns, near the stream.

There are so many perfect hiding places for little creatures.

After the stillness we came out into the sunshine and said a quick hello to the Japanese monkeys...

who were very sleepy in the midday sun.

4 Responses to “John Hart Conservatory”

  1. It must be lovely having that beautiful oasis almost in the middle of town.

  2. Lovely photographs, and very cute monkey!

  3. i know this spot so well....great pics Jenny!!


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