He's Offally Nice.

21 Feb 2007

Well it's my Dad's 80th birthday on Friday and on Saturday we are having a family dinner to celebrate. All the women folk are catering and we have tried to base the menu around his favourites.

Getting a list of his favourites was like drawing blood from a stone but here is the rather eclectic list we came up with:

Lamb's fry and bacon with mashed potato
Fish and chips,
Cornish pasties
Asparagus rolls,
Devilled kidneys,
Fried black pudding,
Pate and toast,
Cold roast chicken,
and spring rolls.

How's that for a Depression boy's perfect meal. You'll notice the almost complete lack of any vegetable matter. That's my Dad. We had to draw the line at the Black pudding. As much as we love our Dad there are some things we cannot be expected to do. In the interest of pretending to have a balanced meal we also added a couple of salads and some bread.
For logistical reasons we dropped the fish and chips too but he is planning to have those on his actual birthday.

My Mum is doing all the desserts:
neenish tarts,
chocolate sponge,
fresh fruit.

Plus my Dad requested an ice-cream cake as his Birthday cake.
The local ice-cream shop is supplying the cake.

I won't have my blue jumper finished in time, It has just been too hot to knit, especially in the evenings when I would normally work on it. I only have the sleeves to go but with all the cooking I have to do plus my sock knitting they will just to wait.

I'm off to order the cake now and maybe sample some of the ice-cream.

4 Responses to “He's Offally Nice.”

  1. vegetable shmetable! Happy Birthday to your dad for Friday (I do like the sound of the dessert menu!)

  2. Erm (blush blush) I think your dad's choices sound really yummy. How can you possibly draw the line at black pudding? It's a delicacy!!! Have it in a sandwich with a fried egg...oooh, Homer Simpson style drooling going on here!

    Don't you know that tomato ketchup counts as veg???

    Puddings look good too. It's a good thing you lot live on the other side of the world or I'd be crashing this party. Nothing gets a Midlander going more than the promise of offally treats!

  3. Aww.. happy birthday to him. Do you know, I don't think we can get kidneys around here. We almost cannot get liver anymore. I wonder if kidneys have ever been popular in the states. I imagine in large cities like New York there must be places..but here in this rural area, no kidneys. Chittlins, but no kidneys.

    Anyway, I digress... I hope you all have a fun time!

  4. Enjoy the celebrations...always happy times...you`re making my mouth water


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