All By Myself

14 Feb 2007

Can you hear that?
You need to listen really carefully.
It is the sound of SILENCE!!!!!

For the first time in three months everyone is where they are supposed to be; all the children are at school and my husband is at work. I thought I mught be lonely but it has been three hours and I am loving it. That's awful isn't it. I mean it is their home too. It's just when other people are at home I can't ever quite get into a good rhythm. There are too many distractions, too many people to consider, too many people to feed and not very much private space.

The kitten numbers have dwindled too as Ginger and Pud have gone to their new home. They have both been adopted by my sister and her two sons. They are all cat lovers and I know Ginger and Pud will be well loved and cared for. We were a bit emotional when we had to say good bye to them. We made it short and as sweet as possible. Maggie, the mother cat has looked for them a few times , most notably at 3am on Monday morning. The other two kittens,Shackleton and Badger are staying with us. They do seem to miss their brother and sister. When they play their various hide and ambush games you can see they are waiting for more kittens to join in and ofcourse no one comes.

It has been very special having all the kittens here for the summer. I'm sure the children will remember it forever and really they have been no trouble. What they have been is terribly entertaining and very affectionate.

If you want to see more of Badger, Ginger, Pud and Shackleton I have a folder of pictures at my Flickr site.

The two looking straight at the camera are Shackleton and Badger. They have always tended to play and sleep together and the other two generally paired off together as well. Aren't they sweet?

Now I feel that my year's work can truly begin. I hope this will be a year of a well run household, a well maintained garden and lots of creative crafting. The idea is that these things can happen simultaneously rather than in relay fashion. You know how it is , while you are getting one area under control the others, just like lively children, are getting into as much of a mess as possible.

Autumn is meant to be a time of hard work and organisation ready for the long ,cold winter months. It is still a month away but it really is my favourite time of year. Summer is such a showy, shallow kind of time, meant for lazing around, following whims, trying to avoid getting too flustered and sweaty. In autumn the weather is marvellous, the colours and light are truly beautiful, achingly beautiful. The sun is at just the right angle in the sky to make all the wonderful leaves, branches , trunks, seedpods and late flowers look so special. It gets cold enough for an evening fire and your body remembers the comforting warmth you can only get from a good fire on a chilly evening. The sun still has enough warmth also to make a cuppa in sheltered sunshine a special treat. So many great things to collect from the garden and on walks: conkers, mushrooms, blackberries, walnuts, all kinds of seedpods. It takes me straight back to my childhood spent foraging in the back paddock for treasures to take home.

There is Easter too which in the southern hemisphere cannot be a celebration of spring and new life but has to be a celebration of the promise of new life;bulbs and seeds carefully planted in the still warm soil to wait for just the right time to burst forth and make the world bright and colourful again in the spring.

I really love living in a climate that allows the four seasons to be truly appreciated. With all the talk of global warming perhaps the rhythms of seasons are also being disrupted by the same things that have been disrupting me over the past few months, a large and growing population who don't mean to be demanding , they just are because they are there.

7 Responses to “All By Myself”

  1. Another lovely post. I know what you mean about having the house to yourself. Its our half term holiday this week so the boys are here and the house is busy which is great but next week when they are back at school and I have my three days at home all to myself that will be good too.
    I think sometimes we give a bit too much of ourselves and we need a little bit of time alone to recharge so that we are able give again.

  2. Ahh Jenn, you've captured the feel of a Southern Australian Autumn perfectly! My favorite season too.
    Take care

  3. Beautiful post, truly lovely. I too adore autumn although right now all I can think about is the spring that is promising to make itself known (can you believe it's February and our hawthorn is already in bud?!). Enjoy autumn ~ I'm starting to appreciate spring in a whole new light :)

  4. When the school year ends I long for the unscheduled time of summerand when it begins agan I can't wait for the few momnents of peace & quiet I get. SO enjoy it! no guilt! and I love the new boy doll! very sweet.

  5. I am enjoying having my son with me during the day, but I'm also looking forward to the time he goes to school (2 more years!) so I can experience what you're describing. Blissful.

  6. Those kittens are adorable, makes me want to get some cute kittens to replace the cranky old cat I have LOL.


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