Time for a good long chat.....

22 Jan 2007

This year's one and only sunflower. Isn't it a beauty?

And look at these two, butter wouldn't melt in their mouths. So sweet.

Less than one minute later, all four have discovered my work area and chaos reigns. They were moving to fast too get a clear picture. Cute little devils!

Another cute little kitten is this one on a bag I am making. A couple of years ago my mum gave me all her old embroidered cot sheets from when I was a baby. They are nearly fifty years old and each one has a different design .

I really didn't know what to do with them. Part of me just wants to keep them in tact for the next generation and another part wants to experiment with them. I have only cut into one. I used its embroidered panel on this bag and the rest of the beautiful soft cotton I have used for various embroidered pictures.
I also have many embroidered doileys and I know many people cut them up to make other things but I can't help thinking about the person who made them . All that work and perhaps love and someone else just chops it up.

I am making new curtains at the moment for the playroom. I'm using a Carl Larsson style green gingham that I bought at a greatly reduced price last summer. It was only $2 a metre and I bought 7.5mt mainly because that was all they had and it was just how much I needed.

It is all hemmed and ready to go I just need to get some gathering tape for the top.

All the apricots have been picked. After all the dry weather we have had they had started to dry out a little on the tree. Then we had a weekend of rain and they swelled and split so urgent action was needed. So I made more jam, and then I stewed most of the rest and froze them. Some I poached to be used over the next few days on cereal. I think we got about 20kg/45lbs of apricots from the one tree. That is a lot of apricots.

This is our fennel tree. I say tree because it is taller than me . It will have a zillion seeds , some of which I will save to use for flavouring but most will end up in the garden no doubt and a zillion fennel bulbs will sprout. Next year I will have to master a few new fennel recipes. I think the tree is becoming a nuisance and might have to be moved away from the vegetable garden.

I posted off a doll today to a store in NSW that may interested in stocking some of my dolls. I forgot to take her photo before she left. I hope they like her. I am still knitting my two sweaters as well almost finishing my daughter's socks, I'll post a picture of the scarf and socks when they are done.

I'm trying to get my blue sweater finished in time to wear to my dad's 80th birthday with my pink and orange thrifted skirt , the one with the pompoms. It is further advanced than this picture shows but I am still doing the back.

The lace pattern is quite simple but reverses at the middle of the back so that can be tricky if you are not concentrating.

Well that was an earful wasn't it ! We have been so busy with things around the house the past few days I have barely had a chance to think. Good to be busy with home things though, don't you think?

6 Responses to “Time for a good long chat.....”

  1. Hello Jenny,today I joined your world temporarily, I have 10 precious days of annual leave with my children. Today I baked and knitted and baked some more and then I knitted some more. I did the washing and pegged it out and brought it in and folded and had it all ironed onthe same day. I had dinner ready when my husband walked in the door...........if only I had married a millionaire!! thanks for your delightful blog, I look in each day during my lunch break and dream of a day at home as you often describe it to us, today I lived the dream, it was bliss!!

  2. Wow! I hope the store is able to sell your dolls for you, that would be great.

    You have a lovely yard.

  3. you certainly have enough to keep you busy!! oh my!! your sunflower is lovely...even if you got just the one, you got a perfect one.

    that sweater looks like a gem.

  4. Hi Jenny

    The cot sheets are really lovely, I'd be unsure what to do with them too.

    I love gingham and the green is great!

    The kittens are looking very cute!

    I think it's wonderful that a shop is interested in your dolls, being a proud recipient I know how very beautiful they are. F adores her!

    I'm beginning to long for spring and summer so I can get gardening, it's so great to hear about a soft fruit emergency!lol!

  5. Apricots now I am jealous, I adore apricots and to be able to go and pick them straight off the tree sounds like heaven. FIngers crossed about the doll.

  6. You must have a lot of energy to be so busy! Or is it the wonderful sunny weather that you could enjoy, while we are here sitting by the fire and outside the storm is howling? All your pictures makes me so much longing for sun and warmth and open doors and windows, the smell of your apricots, new kitchen curtains, steamed fennel with butter, summer lace, beautiful big flowers and merry, funny, sweet little kittens. Great!


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