Through the Kitchen Window

25 Jan 2007

"In summer, the kitchen is not for lingering in, only for preparing the food quickly, wrapping it or dishing it up, and taking it outside.... A pot of basil on the table, a pungent sweet geranium on the windowsill, a bunch of mint hung from the ceiling will all help to keep out the summer flies.....the kitchen is full of bowls and baskets of fruit...Late in the summer, everything comes in abundance, thick and fast:you have a glut of everything you grow."

Through the Kitchen Window by Susan Hill, Illustrated by Angela Barrett

Earlier this year I had decided to knit socks for all the adults I give a birthday present to. Then I priced the wool and realised that would be quite an expensive exercise. On my last visit to the Salvos shop what should I find but a bag of beautiful Swiss sock wool, enough to make 9 pairs of socks - perfect. At $27.50 for the bag it works out to about $3 a pair. I think knitting 9 pairs of socks will be as many as I can manage.

Mr17 arrived home today from a week in Brisbane on a cricket tour. He is taller , more handsome and definitely happy to be home although he is complaining about how cold it is here.

An angel visited our front room today and played beautiful music. The other angel was in his bedroom playing his trumpet. He is not allowed to go on the computer until he plays his trumpet, it's bribery but it works.

7 Responses to “Through the Kitchen Window”

  1. Isn't it amazing how we dream of time to ourselves and yet when mine go away, I count down the hours till they come home again. Mine are going to Geelong with a Youth Group for the weekend and I know that by Monday I will be fretting for them. At 17 and 15, I count my blessings that they are such a joy (most of the time) to have around. Thanks Jenny for your posts of family life.

  2. The wool! You got a great deal cost- wise, and if you get the satisfaction from knitting that I do, you'll enjoy every bit of crafting those socks.

    I love music in my home. It warms the home and the heart. Buying our old second-hand piano was a very happy day for me. My dad and brother both play very well and I heard piano music at home every day when I was growing up. now I get to hear it from the children and my husband.

  3. Wow I wish I was on your birthday list, hand knitted socks you can't get much more special than that can you?

  4. That sock wool, the colours, it's gorgeous! Lucky birthday-listers!

  5. Isn't it wonderful to stumble upon something you really need that is also a bargain! What a great gift they will make.
    You are not alone~we use some bribery at our house also when it comes to computer usage.

  6. Love the colours for your socks, blue and white are always again my favorits.
    Thanks for the link to Susan Hill, must have a look whether some of her books are translated, the words you have written down are so nice.


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