Sweet Bargains

9 Jan 2007

I am supposed to be sitting quietly sewing but the computer is free so here I am.

My daughter and I went op-shopping yesterday and found a few bargains. We only went to the one shop which just happens to be on the way to the shop where we buy the milk. It doesn't hurt to have a little look around now does it.

We found a pair of summer 3/4 trousers for my daughter and a pretty dress.

The dress had very uncomfortable sleeves so I have cut them off and just making a little facing around the armhole with the old sleeve. Both these were half marked price.

I also found a couple of little Pyrex heat proof dishes for only 80cents each. I have been collecting these as they are handy for little individual winter puddings and pies. My one big expense was an embroidered supper cloth. At $3.50 I had to think twice but the cloth was such a nice weight and so soft and the embroidery is simple, just a soft brown and green ; flowers and leaves in a chain around the edge of the cloth. It is trimmed with crochet and there are no stains.

For myself, I also found a half price lovely ( $2.75). A fully lined summer skirt with these very fetching pompoms around the hem. Just the thing for my dad's 80th birthday party in February.

The Chenille bedspread was from a previous expedition. It is so soft and feels as though it has never been used. I have had to wash it a couple of times though as it is particularly attractive to Poppy the dog and she manages to make it a bit mucky.Not that I encourage her to get on the bed. She just jumps up ther every time she thinks she is alone in the house. She is such a sneak.

After all that effort I had no choice but to have the last piece of French Cream Cheese Tart and a cup of coffee. The coffee looks a tad insipid in the picture but it tasted good. The tart recipe is in Sweet Things by Suzanne Gibbs, daughter of Margaret Fulton - the Delia Smith of Australian cooking.

8 Responses to “Sweet Bargains”

  1. I love the blue dress. The pie looks delicious

  2. Nice bargains Jenny. I love the skrit, it's right up my street, the pom-poms are great! The tart looks really yummy as I'm a sucker for cheese cake!

  3. Love the bargains! Great idea to give an uncomfortable garment new life with an alteration.

  4. Your finds look great ~ heaven knows I spend enough time with my nose in charity (thrift) shops over here! It definitely fits with my 'green' ideas.

    As for that French cream cheese tart, do you think it'd survuve posting to England?! ;-)

  5. What a fun day! I love the blue dress.

    I'm sitting here with my cup of coffee and a slice of pumpkin bread. Seeing your snack set up made it seem as if we were having coffee together lol.

  6. You are so clever I wouldn't even have thought of altering that dress and it is so pretty. Love the pom pom skirt, brilliant. What great finds.

  7. I love the dress and the skirt~especially those pompoms! The french cream cheese tart looks heavenly.

  8. The fabric of the dress is so pretty and I love the pompoms on your skirt. It´s so sad that we don´t have this kind of charity shops here in Germany, just here and then some flea-markets, but I´ve never found there so many lovely things as I see on foreign blogs.
    I love cheese cakes so much, but here I fear I would choose your beautiful table cloth instead!


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