A Stable Home.

12 Jan 2007

Order and rhythm seem to have returned to the house. Christmas is packed away, houseguests have gone ,the New Year has been celebrated and begun. Children have visited friends and returned and I feel as though the house is as it should be. Holidays, ofcourse, continue but I fe
el we are on more stable footing now.

Though you do have to mind your step with four adorable kittens running around. The dear little things play like mad and then just drop for a cat nap. They are changing and growing every day and give hours of free entertainment.

They have very definite and different personalities and Maggie is such a patient mother although when she decides they need a wash there is no getting away.

I have managed to do some sewing from scratch rather than mending or alterations. Nothing fancy, just a sweet little summer skirt for my daughter. The colours are so cool and the fabric is very soft and floaty. She is trying to protect her apricot jam on toast from being stolen by Maggie who has a very sweet tooth.My mum faithfully makes apricot jam every year and we all love it. So much nicer than anything from the shops.

I received a very unexpected but wonderful parcel in the post yesterday from Bettina.

Isn't he wonderful? All soft, lovely felt and beautifully weighted so that he stands securely.A stable sturdy fellow who I think will be perfect on our Autumn table in a few months time. Thank you so much. The jewel that he was holding ( a hand beaded ring ) has been claimed by my daughter .

4 Responses to “A Stable Home.”

  1. What a lovely little felt fellow! The kttens are really thriving!

  2. Aren't those kittens gorgeous? I love their expressions. The skirt is beautiful, especially the colours (and the agapanthus on the mantle divine!).

  3. The kittens are just lovely they are so much fun to have around your daughter must be loving every minute with them. Cute skirt.

  4. You habe a very nice home and the kittens are so lovely.


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