18 Jan 2007

The alarm clock doesn't get a lot of use in this house.

It sits in the bathroom so that I have to get out of bed to turn it off and so that its ticking doesn't keep us awake.

It used to stand on four legs so that it looked like a sixties television but one broke off and so they all had to go.

Most mornings I automatically wake at about 6am without the help of the alarm but when it is school term time the alarm is set for 7am as a back up incase I don't wake on my own.

I love going to bed knowing I don't have to wake to an alarm.

What a luxury.

5 Responses to “Freedom”

  1. Well I think your alarm clock is adorable, I however would sleep through it's ringing! 6am is still the middle of the night to me, unless of course I need to get up to go somewhere exciting.

  2. cute clock!

    We use our tv for an alarm clock. It can be set to turn on by itself. It's much nicer to wake up to the news than aggressive buzzing.

    Also, consider yourself tagged for a meme. The details are on my blog. :-)

  3. What a great alarm clock! I love the days when mine does not have to go off at 5am.
    I have been lagging behind on reading posts, so am enjoying catching up. Lovely skirt you made for your daughter, and the kittens are adorable!

  4. After all that chutney making you deserve a rest! but my, it makes me want to slather it on a chicken sandwich--yum!

  5. It is a wonderful thing not to be jolted awake...I have two alarm clocks one's called F and she's 3 and one is called D and she's 8...they don't beep but they do say "I'm hungry, what's for breakfast?"...nicer than a digital alrm though.

    PS. I love the retro clock.


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