One Last Blast of Christmas Cheer

4 Jan 2007

As the last little bits of Christmas are found and dispatched I thought I should share with you some of the beautiful blogger presents I was astonished and delighted to find in my letterbox.

Deb, from Homespun Living sent me this beautiful potholder and coaster set, handmade ofcourse.

They go perfectly with the colours of my kitchen and are already in use.

Jayne, from Canada sent me these lovely doll knitting magazines that she found in a thrift shop.

I also received cards and emails from all over the place . It was great fun.

Bettina, from Mumintroll sent me this wonderful yarn and book on flower pressing. The yarn is hand dyed I think and was woven into a beautiful plait.

The colours of the wool just happen to go with the socks I am knitting my daughter.

The wool is Opal, colourway 1237 which I bought at my local yarnstore some time ago.

I wasn't sure I liked the orange and black section but my daughter loves it.

The yarn that Bettina sent me is being made into a scarf to go with the socks.

The scarf is crocheted in a zigzag pattern using treble stitch although in the pattern it is called double crochet but I think that is because it is an American pattern.

It is from this magazine which I found in my stocking on Christmas morning.

My little one is suffering with a summer cold today and watching a Little House On the Prairie DVD. This was taken a few days ago as she sorted through her wardrobe to find suitable Ingall's style clothes to wear. She could also pass for one of the Waltons I think.
The menfolk have all gone to play golf.

ps. As I suspected Easter eggs are on the supermarket shelves today.

5 Responses to “One Last Blast of Christmas Cheer”

  1. I do love the socks. I must look out for that colourway it's lovely. I'm intrigued by the scarf and hope you'll post a progress report soon. I smile to see your daughter's clothes. Amber was the same and used to take a pail to school with her lunch in when she was younger.

  2. Your daugther looks so lovley. If I was a child my favourite movie was the"Waltons"
    Your socks are so lovely. I like this color.

  3. My daughter and her grandmother received Little House on the Prairie DVDs for Christmas too! The show was a big hit with my family. When I was a child we would watch every week. Now my daughter and mother-in-law are enjoying those episodes all over again. I love how your daughter is dressing the part.

  4. For Christmas, my Hubby bought me the Season 1 DVD Series of Little House on the Prairie... and I bought the kids Seasons 1-3 of The Waltons. I LOVE them both!!! I get choked up nearly every time I watch the episodes. There are such wonderful Godly lessons. Your daughter looks beautiful in her attire!

  5. I love the socks and it looks like you had some real treasures given to you this year!

    PS. I used to love The Waltons...


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