Marguerite and Betty to the rescue

30 Jan 2007

We picked our huge pear harvest today,ha ha. 24 pears still green but the theory is that they will ripen over time, off the tree. Usually we leave them and then they start to drop. Because they ripen from the inside out by the time they drop they are close to being over-ripe. It should have been a huge crop this year but we pruned after it had set fruit and we also lost a lot to the wind before Christmas. I cannot remember what kind they are but when you get a good one they are delicious.

By tomorrow these two rudies will be dressed and presentable.This is an old photo and now they have their hair, faces and skirts/trousers, I just have to finish knitting their sweaters. I have another already done plus there is the one I sent to NSW. So I have met my slightly altered goal, four a month instead of one a week. Well done Jenny.

The socks and scarf are finished-ish, I haven't made the pompoms for the scarf yet. My model was unavailable as we went to the presses so when the pompoms are done I will get her to model the complete accessory story.

Although it is high summer we are having a spell of mild weather so we had a light soup for dinner tonight. This is my husband's favourite soup, he can feel it doing him good. As there seem to be a few summer colds around it might help to fortify us against the gremlins and lurgies.

Meatball soup

11/2-2 litres chicken or beef stock
300g minced beef, shaped into marble size meatballs.
a variety of vegetables cut into small dice; potato, zuchinni, carrot ,
broccoli,celery, celery leaves, parsley, peas etc.
can of diced or crushed tomatoes
handful of dry noodles

Place all ingredients except meat and noodles in a large saucepan, bring to the boil then add the meatballs.
Simmer for about 20 minutes then add noodles and continue to simmer for 10 minutes more.
Serve with yummy bread generously buttered.

I found this old book today. It is an English/Australian collaboration from the early 1960s.It seems to have some good basic, fool proof recipes for all kinds of special occasion cakes as well as some rather spectacular decorating which is not really my thing. Who knows though, now that I have this book I could take the cake decorating world by storm. Just take a look at some of the cakes....

The famous Battenberg cake, maybe this time I will actually make it,

This is Miss Muffet,

the pumpkin cake,

the birthday cake,

the Crinoline lady,

and this gorgeous retro Santa cake.

6 Responses to “Marguerite and Betty to the rescue”

  1. Ohh that cake book is just wonderful. I am inlove with that pumpkin cake !! Clarice

  2. Be inspired by the cake book but concentrate on the cake and the good ingredients that should go in it as opposed to how it looks. All those fancy cake just don't taste as good as they look. Fondant is pretty but dreadful to eat. Am I ruining all the fun? sorry. :0

  3. The soup looks great! I love to eat soups but my family is not too keen on most of them.

    I was just talking to my sweetie about the possibility of getting a pear tree if we should ever need to have any of our oaks removed. (Now the oaks shade the entire yard).

  4. Well done on the dolls! 4 per month sounds like pretty good going! BTW I love the cake book and have a certain fondness for Battenburg Cake.

  5. Our 'huge' pear harvest this past fall was about a dozen pears. They look like yours, but I don't remember the variety.
    The socks and scarf are beautiful!
    My mom used to make meatball soup when I was a kid...I think I'll add that to our menu this week.

  6. That book looks like so much fun. I love the Miss Muffet cake, I made a Barbie cake like that a few months ago and went up a great deal in my daughter's estimation.


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