Lazy, crazy days

8 Jan 2007

My Summer Morning 6am

I am woken every morning at 5am by an extremely hungry nursing mother - Maggie the cat. So I feed her , let the dog out , let the other two cats in, feed them, make a cup of tea and settle down to some quiet time. It's heavenly. At the moment my early morning is taken up with crocheting the scarf and reading magazines , some old , some new. The latest edition of Earth Garden has lots of ideas about helping your garden survive during the drought so it is very interesting. We did have quite a lot of rain over the weekend which was wonderful. Going to sleep to the sound of gentle but constant rain is the most peaceful lullaby. One good rain , once a week would be just fine.

The summer fruits are beginning to ripen. The birds, and us, have had raspberries, strawberries and youngberries and now we are moving on to the stone fruits. Our delicious apricots are just staring to ripen. When the rest of the family went fruit picking last week they could only get cherries because all the tourist buses had been through and the rotters had picked all the strawberries and raspberries. They had to console themselves with buying raspberry jam, raspberry sauce ( to die for) and strawberry wine.

I have been buying nectarines from Victoria as our tree is very young and only has a handful of fruit that won't ripen until February. I have never been keen on buying stone fruits from the supermarket but I was talking to an old Italian chap last year and he said "just give them a couple of days" just like Con the Fruiterer ( Australian comedian) only with an Italian accent. I believed him, bought some and incredibly they did ripen at home and were pretty good. I buy them to fill in the lean time between crops in our garden.

By the afternoon, after my mum's visit, most of the nectarines had gone and had been replaced by apricots from her garden and ours and also plums from mum's garden. The bananas ofcourse are not local but joy of joys they are now down to less than $3/kg. Isn't it wonderful to have them back?

The best thing about all the summer fruits is when the children are hungry they can just go forage in the garden. Have to be careful you don't overdo it though, the tummy aches and running to the toilet can be a bit yucky.

I'm trying to do as much doll making as I can. I have lots of ideas but not so much time with everyone home. I like the lazy, sit around and chat , enjoy the moment atmosphere of holidays. The down side is that things that normally take an hour or two seem to take all day. Maybe that's why the summers of our childhood seemed to last forever: perhaps it took all day just to get breakfast on the table.

3 Responses to “Lazy, crazy days”

  1. The scarf looks great. I love the colours.

  2. Some day I'd like to have a fruit tree, but now we have a crop of 50+ year old oaks that shade the whole yard except for my mini veggie garden.

  3. This was such a lovely post. I really can see now your garden, your cat in the morning and the family chat at the kitchen table. I love such impressions of family life, especially with warm lazy summerdays, the radio´s on, something is boiling at the oven, the laughing from the children outside, and a bit from a delicious juicy fruit. Sweet summer days.
    And the colours of your scarf are great!


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