The Land of Nod

26 Jan 2007

I fell asleep while I was sewing today. I just couldn't keep my eyes open. Luckily I didn't skewer myself on a long doll needle. I actually slunk off to bed and had the most marvellous 30 minute nap. BLISS.

The whole idea of an afternoon nap is such a wonderful thing and an absolute luxury. If left to my own devices I would have a wee kip every afternoon.

5 Responses to “The Land of Nod”

  1. oh - you should - a power nap - it does us all the world of good! zzzzz

  2. Aah! Such luxury...I used to always nap when my babies did.

  3. Every afternoon at about 2 or 3 o´clock I am so tired and how good it would be to have a little nap. In southern countries here in Europe a 'siesta' is very common, but not here in Germany so I always felt a kind of guilty thinking about it. You were more wiser, you did it. Great!

  4. There isn't anything nicer than an afternoon nap. I get one every chance I can!

  5. It just happens that I took a great long nap this afternoon...for the first time in such a long time...what a luxury


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