Happy House

3 Jan 2007

As everything slowly returns to normal after Christmas it seems to be a good time to do some clutter culling and finishing off little bits and pieces around the house.
My husband has been patching up all the little and not so little cracks in the walls. Our weatherboard house is 75 years old and the internal walls are lathe and plaster. There is a lot of movement with changes in humidity and temperature and any small crack can quickly grow. But now everything is patched and has been painted and it looks great.

Finding places for new Christmas gifts means rearranging drawers, shelves, pictures on the wall etc and quite a few things have made their way out of the house to be recycled.

My wonderful husband has also rearranged my wash house (laundry). It has been a disaster area for many years, a dumping ground for all sorts of household rejects. I only discovered what he had done after he had gone out for the evening. It looks great. The wash house is actually in a separate outbuilding and originally housed a copper boiler. It is still a very utilitarian space but it looks so much better. I have no desire to have an indoor laundry room. We get no noise from the washing machine in the house, it is very handy to the clothesline and it is cloaked in a beautiful mandevilla vine.

The house is looking refreshed and when the outside painting is finished the old girl will be positively glowing. This is the only house we have ever owned and it is quite possible we will live here to the end. We are the third owners in its 75 year history. We moved here in 1988, the previous owners were here for 5 years before they moved to the country and the original owners were here from 1931 to 1983. That's 52 years!

In 3 weeks we celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary and 25 years since we met. God willing we will live a long and happy life together and our friendly little house is doing all it can to help.

4 Responses to “Happy House”

  1. Your house sounds lovely, how nice to know its past so well.

  2. Clutter culling is needed here too. I made some drops at the Good Will before Christmas, but there are more things I can give away now.

  3. It must be the New Year effect.The need for re-painting and re-arranging everything has caught me as well!... First the kitchen which desperately needs a coat of paint (or two...) and de-cluttering with a capital D!

  4. Hi Jenny,
    I am feeling that same urge to refresh and reorganize.
    It must be very nice to have a house with a long history ~ I love the 'character' that an old house has.


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