Happy Day

24 Jan 2007

Funny sort of day really. Nice, but funny. Stephen spent the day trying to and eventually fixing the brakes on the car. I did the housework, had a coffee in the sun, listened to the rather blue language coming from the car and then popped down the street to get some milk and cat food. No great lovey dovey scenes but a nice sense of the rightness of our relationship.

Phone call from my daughter who had spent the night at her Gran's checking to see if we were home....... Doorbell rings and there stands my daughter with a bunch of roses, my mum with a bunch of roses and a tray with cake, slice and biscuits, my dad with a beautiful clematis for the garden, my auntie with a big smile and my sister with a bottle of wine and chocolates. Surprise!

We all had a lovely afternoon tea, the car was successfully repaired and there are chocolates to eat tonight.

We also had a phone call from the shop in NSW and they have ordered three of my dolls. So wonderful.

8 Responses to “Happy Day”

  1. Really.... this is a happy day.What a lucky woman you are.

  2. Oh what a lovely Happy Day, such a nice surprise.

  3. Jenny,
    Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you've had such a wonderful day.
    My husband and I will be celebrating our 25th this fall~it's sad to think that so many don't make it this far.
    So happy about the dolls!

  4. Congrats all around. Really sounds like it was a lovely day, lovely surprises, and I am sure the start of another 20 lovely years!

  5. Thank goodness for such a wonderful day...this is truely a day to cout your blessings and remember them when the laundry piles high :) lucky you!

  6. I'm glad you had such a good day. Great news about the dolls.

  7. A great Happy Day and a real loving family.
    Congratulations for the dolls!


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